Karen Hughes

Insider's Insights on the Perry Shake-up
October 25, 2011

When I was in Austin last month reporting on the rise of Rick Perry, Texas political insiders again and again would praise Perry's political team for its cohesion and stability -- a close-knit group of associates and advisers he'd accumulated over the years, each of which knew his or her role and strengths and weaknesses, and each of which ultimately deferred to the unquestioned leader, Dave Carney, Perry's acerbic chief strategist. There was just one caveat I kept hearing: it would not necessarily be an easy transition for this team to move onto the national stage.

Mosque Notes
September 02, 2010

Collective responsibility. One of the most accomplished Jewish terrorists of our time, Baruch Goldstein, came from the Jewish universe in which I was raised. When he committed his crime, there were a few former and present citizens of that universe, a revered rabbi of mine among them, who demanded a stringent communal introspection; but the critics were denounced as slanderers who tarred all of religious Zionism, or all of “Modern Orthodox” Judaism, or all of Judaism, with the same treasonous brush.

Bush Administration Tied To Radical Islamists
August 12, 2010

Feisel Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba House and the target of a hilariously elongated chain of guilt-by-association by conservatives, turns out to have been invited to speak abroad about Islam and America by the Bush administration: If one were to hearken back to the halcyon days of the Bush Administration, one would remember that, when Bush adviser Karen Hughes was appointed Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, the Bush Administration saw improving America's standing among Muslims abroad as a part of its national security strategy.

The Man Who's Writing Bush's Book...
March 09, 2010

...is a twenty-something former Bush aide named Christopher Michel, who rose from unpaid White House intern to deputy director of speechwriting in a dizzying five-year run. As Bryan Curtis puts it in his Daily Beast profile, "Michel had somehow emerged from ruins of Bush's second term with his c.v. burnished rather than destroyed." Curtis notes that Michel was one of basically three people who earned the distinction of being "Bush's voice"--the other two being Karen Hughes and Michael Gerson.

Karen Hughes Has A New Reform Champion
September 24, 2008

 I just read through a transcript of Mark Penn and Karen Hughes' joint appearance on this morning's CBS "Early Show." Basically, every time co-host Harry Smith asked who would win a swing state, Hughes gave the advantage to John McCain because of "his record as a reformer." How will he appeal to Ohio voters worried about the economy? His record as a reformer. How will he appeal to Virginians? His record as a reformer. Why is Sarah Palin such a great pick? She reminds everyone of McCain's record as a reformer! The single-minded messaging in and of itself isn't surprising.

Hughes Is Out
November 01, 2007

  Karen Hughes is gone.The first question to ask: will anyone notice?It's not that she accomplished anything.  That is, she accomplished nothing.  But her assigned task was to change how the world feels about the U.S.Ms.

Flacks Americana
May 20, 2002

  It's five miles from Northern Virginia, where the Pentagon sets military targets, and a mile and a half from Foggy Bottom, where the State Department cobbles together coalitions. To look at it, you'd never guess that the ten-story glass-and-steel building at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and T Street, nestled amid the town houses and cafes of Dupont Circle, serves as one of the headquarters for the U.S. propaganda war against terrorism. If it doesn't look like a government office building, that's because it's not. Rather, it houses a public relations firm called The Rendon Group.