Afghanistan After the War
Is peace possible?
March 28, 2013

In our preoccupation with our war in Afghanistan, we've lost sight of how to bring the country peace.

Karzai, Bibi, And Netanyahu
April 04, 2010

I know that a lot of people in my crowd don't like Frank Rich. But I happen to find even some of his excesses entertaining. Yes, he is of the somewhat ritualized left.

Afghanistan Quote of the Day
October 25, 2009

From Dexter Filkins' New York Times Week in Review piece on Hamid Karzai and voter fraud: “Mr. Karzai got 48 percent of the vote and Abdullah got 27,” said Azizullah Ludin, the chairman of the Independent Election Commission. Despite its title, the commission is widely seen here as a tool of the president. “We will have another election, and we’ll have the same result.” Mr. Ludin smiled broadly. “Karzai is going to win.” Italics Mine.

How Do You Say Diebold in Pashto?
October 21, 2009

NYT: The task was left to Mr. Kerry and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who have experienced their own frustration at the polls, and used those scars in dealing with Mr. Karzai. In one personal moment during a weekend of long dinners and walks in the garden of the sprawling, heavily fortified presidential palace in Kabul, Senator Kerry recounted his experience in the 2004 presidential election, including the lingering questions about ballots cast in Ohio that helped decide the vote against him. “I told him, ‘sometimes there are tough things,’ “ Mr.