The Griot of New Orleans
August 27, 2015

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, jazz musician Terence Blanchard tells the story of his hometown. 

Is Your City Ready for the Next Katrina?
August 26, 2015

Tampa, Miami, and New York top the list. But New Orleans isn't far behind.

The Border Crisis Is Not "Obama's Katrina." Not Even Close.
July 08, 2014

The comparison is so absurd, it's almost not worth disproving. Almost.

Obamacare Is Obama's Katrina, Iraq, Vietnam, Apartheid, and Civil War—Combined
December 10, 2013

A comprehensive list of every historical analogy made to Obamacare.

Rebirth on the Bayou: Lessons from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast
August 26, 2011

What we learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Calling the Ex
January 21, 2010

Last Saturday, President Obama tapped the unlikely duo of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to lead a massive campaign to help Haiti. It isn't the first time former presidents (and political rivals) have led major relief efforts: Clinton and George H.W. Bush worked together after the 2004 tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Ike. "This is a model that works," Obama noted. But how, exactly, does that model work? Why do we call on former presidents to help after disasters? 1) They Get People's Attention. They're presidents. They have high profiles. People listen to them.