Ken Vogel

What's Karl Rove's Top Target?
March 27, 2012

It's up against a bigger story today, but Ken Vogel's got an in-depth piece up at Politico that deserves a read, looking at the coordination, or lack of it, among all the various conservative groups gearing up to spend their millions in the months ahead. Vogel reports: The top conservative operatives who make up the alliance were scheduled to huddle this week behind closed doors to discuss how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to attack President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats.

Centrists: Veiled In Secrecy, Eager For Attention
December 21, 2011

Americans Elect, the group that is pushing to get a bipartisan, "radical centrist" third-choice ticket on the presidential ballot next fall via an online convention, just held a call with reporters to trumpet that it has obtained ballot access in California, with 1.62 million signatures.