Khaled Meshal

Why Not Hamas?
March 26, 2010

The current crisis in the Obama-Netanyahu relationship should propel both leaders to reassess their basic policies toward Palestine. They must redefine their targets, to think realistically but also creatively. Ending the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not an attainable goal. What is attainable is a clear and dramatic decrease in tension in the conflict—a goal that would, indeed, serve the necessities of American foreign policy on Iran, Afghanistan, and Yemen.

Reviving The Oldest Hatred
January 11, 2009

If you are not shocked by the replenishment of the oldest hatred you are shocked by nothing.  The appropriation of images of Hitler's gas ovens by Muslims and the solidarity of the left with Islamofascism come together as about the ugliest political phenomenon of the age.  I know that not all Muslims are guilty of these (and other) heinous crimes against the principles of democratic society.

Meshal Decamps For Sudan
September 02, 2008

Even Syria is now disposing of Khaled Meshal, the chief strategist of Hamas. You may recall that the Mossad once tried to kill him (by poisoning) on an Amman street but failed. Still, as he lay dying, Jerusalem was diplomatically coerced to provide the chemical antidote that would keep him alive. It's a shame: many Jews and Arabs now dead would still be alive. In any case, King Hussein wanted Meshal out.

Roll Back
July 31, 2006

If you buy this reading of events, you must accept a certain irony. It is fashionable in some quarters to say that U.S. identification with Israel produces hostility against us in the Islamic world. But, in actuality, Israel may be paying a price for the U.S.-led effort to pressure Iran to give up its nuclear aspirations. Those who view the Israeli offensive in Lebanon as counterproductive to U.S. foreign policy miss an emerging reality: Iran is waging a struggle to achieve regional dominance that threatens the United States and all its friends in the Middle East.