Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Il Bowls a 300
and Other Great Moments in North Korean Sports
January 26, 2014

Great moments in North Korean Sports.

Six Dictators' Favorite Books
January 10, 2014

The literary tastes of dictators are a slightly sordid fascination. Here are the favorite books of a few of our least favorite men.

The Era of Basketball Diplomacy
Why Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea was no fluke
March 12, 2013

Why Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea was no fluke.

Rihanna's Feelings Are For Her to Know, and Us to Figure Out
November 30, 2012

What we learn about the pop star from her new album.

Is There Any Way To Help the People of North Korea?
December 21, 2011

Write it down. Write it. With ordinary ink on ordinary paper; they weren’t given food, they all died of hunger. All. How many? It’s a large meadow. How much grass per head?

The Greatest Crimes of the World’s Most Terrible Dictator
December 20, 2011

The death of North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” Kim Jong Il, marks the end of his 17 years of strict control over the starved and crumbling state. While his eccentricities were often worthy of parody—the overblown legend involving new stars and double rainbows pronouncing his birth, thousands of books penned, and one strikingly good round of golf—his reign was marked more distinctly by the extreme suffering of the North Korean people.