Zero Hedge: The Daily Kos of Financial Blogs
October 04, 2009

I'm only an imtermittent visitor to the financial blog Zero Hedge. But between my occasional perusals, and Joe Hagan's interesting profile of the blog (and its proprietor Dan Ivandjiiski) in last week's New York magazine, I can't help thinking it has a lot in common with the political blog Daily Kos. Both have an aggressively anti-establishment, semi-conspiratorial worldview and are constantly fulminating against the powers that be (big Wall Street firms in the first instance, sellout Washington Democrats and their corporate overseers in the second).

Harry Reid in Danger in 2010?
September 04, 2009

Harry Reid's polling numbers continue to sink, with the latest survey from the Daily Kos/Research 2000 finding that 52 percent of Nevadans view him unfavorably. He's also trailing two of his GOP contenders. What will that mean for the Senate majority leader?

Is Ben Nelson Actually in Line With His Constituents?
August 27, 2009

A Research 2000/Daily Kos poll reveals that the majority of Nebraskans approve of Senator Ben Nelson's actions on health care-and that more oppose the public option than support it. The results of the poll, which was conducted last week, show that 56% of likely voters in the state approve of Nelson's health care work, while 39% disapprove. Likewise, 47% oppose the public plan, while 39% support it. The findings shouldn't be too surprising, as Nebraska is still solidly a red state.

Larry Johnson Is The New David Brock
June 26, 2008

At certain points in the past few months, I often thought that a piece on Larry Johnson--the former CIA agent-turned-blogger who became a hero to the Daily Kos crowd before turning into a hero of Rush Limbaugh's--would be a good thing to do. But, frankly, I didn't have the stomach to read through Johnson's body of work to do it myself. Thankfully, Dave Weigel is made of stronger stuff than I, and he's done a good Johnson profile for The American Prospect.