Ku Klux Klan

American History in Panorama
October 06, 2013

With the advance of cameras that spanned 150 degrees and over, America got a whole new way to depict itself.

Lincoln in Hollywood, from Griffith to Spielberg
December 21, 2012

Spielberg's film ought to put an end to the Lost Cause mythology.

Which U.S. President Does Romney Most Resemble? (Hint: It’s Not a Republican)
September 25, 2012

Which past president stood up most stalwartly for the anti-tax, anti-welfare, anti-union principles that animate today’s conservative movement? Of course, most activists on the right would confer that honor on Ronald Reagan.

National Review, Race, And Me
August 29, 2012

I answer National Review's absurd claim that it's Democrats (including me!), not Republicans, who have introduced race into the 2012 campaign.

Where Have All Our Racist Aristocrats Gone? A Requiem For Gore Vidal
August 03, 2012

The most cunning, odious and successful of Gore Vidal’s provocations was surely a mid-career contribution to a special issue of The Nation in 1986, marking the magazine’s one-hundred-twentieth anniversary. The essay was called “The Empire Lovers Strike Back” and is best read today in conjunction with a previous Nation essay from the same year, “The American Empire Ran Out of Gas,” and a clarifying subsequent commentary in The Sunday Telegraph in 1993 called “Race Against Time,” all of which he went on to reprint in his essay collections, perhaps under different titles.

If X, Then Why?
March 29, 2012

Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention By Manning Marable (Viking Press, 594 pp., $30) I. When Malcolm X died in a hail of assassin’s gunfire at the Audubon Ballroom in February 1965, the mainstream media in the United States was quick to suggest that he reaped the harvest of bloodshed he had brazenly sown.

Why Trayvon Martin’s Death Has Sparked a Call For Dignity
March 27, 2012

On Wednesday morning when I was checking the Occupy Wall Street website, I saw the announcement: “1,000,000 HOODIE MARCH FOR TRAYVON MARTIN,” over a photograph of a black teenage boy wearing a light-colored sweatshirt with a hood.

Despite Post-9/11 Discrimination, Muslims Keep Coming to America. Why?
August 24, 2011

Threading through the history of the United States is a long line of reviled newcomers. In the 1850s, Irish and German Catholics were vilified by the Know Nothing movement. In the 1890s, Italians were subjected to frequent lynchings. Jews of the 1930s were excoriated by Father Charles Coughlin, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Ku Klux Klan. In the years following September 11, America’s 2.6 million Muslims have often found themselves facing similar kinds of hostility.

Fox News And White Racial Paranoia
June 13, 2011

David Gelertner's unhinged rant in the Weekly Standard raises a lot of interesting questions, mostly centering around the apparent lack of editing at the magazine, but the most interesting of which involve race. The piece, which begins by accusing President Obama and his supporters of not loving America and ends with accusing liberals of "indescribably low and dirty attacks," makes a few telling observations about race. Gelertner celebrates "the all-but-eradication of race prejudice," which is a useful summary of conservative thought.

Another Victim Of Barbour's Withdrawal
April 26, 2011

Jason Zengerle, another victim of Haley Barbour's sudden abandonment of the campaign trail, has published a wonderful little piece in GQ about Barbour and Yazoo City: Mott eventually became one of Yazoo City's most progressive voices, penning editorials in the Herald that ultimately paved the way for the successful integration of Yazoo City's schools in 1970.