The Boys of Lancaster
March 22, 2013

Nine innings with the boys of Lancaster

Dead, Man
May 29, 2010

There was a time when Dennis Hopper exulted in the reputation of being the first kid who knew what was wrong with Hollywood. What he said, more or less, was that the movies have gone dead, man, that it’s just old-timers doing it all on automatic pilot, that there’s no truth, anymore, man, and they won’t put me in lead parts. There was some truth in what he said, and it was certainly the case that a number of veteran directors found Hopper an intolerable smart-ass who said he had known Jimmy--Jimmy Dean--and that what he was saying now was only what Dean would have said.

I Was Against Card Check Before I Was For It
March 27, 2009

Republican Senator Arlen Specter announced this week that he will vote against the Employee Free Choice Act, a reversal of his position in 2007 when he was the only GOP senator to vote for cloture. Specter has been quick to defend his apparent flip-flop, arguing that his 2007 vote did not equate to support of the union-friendly bill, but was rather just an attempt “to take up the issue of labor law reform,” out of an implied procedural respect for Congress--a claim, though cryptic, he did make at the time to both the Lancaster New Era and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Follow The Pa Results ... Incuding Key Counties
April 22, 2008

...right here. Two counties to watch in particular, per MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Lancaster and York. These are, respectively, the Phildelphia exurbs, and the very exurbs.