This Is Obama Country, Too
March 04, 2008

TOLEDO, Ohio -- Northwest Ohio may turn out to be Clinton Country, as I wrote earlier today.

Adding Insult To Injury
March 03, 2008

Remember the story of Jamie Leigh Jones, the 22-year-old former Halliburton worker in Iraq who was allegedly drugged, gang-raped, and locked in a storage shed until the State Department rescued her after her congressman intervened? Thanks to an order signed by Paul Bremer, employees of U.S. contractors in Iraq are beyond the reach of the Iraqi criminal justice system, leaving them effectively in a legal black hole, as Michael Walzer wrote in our last issue. They could technically be tried in U.S.

Moscow Dispatch: Election Day In Russia
March 02, 2008

  Today, Russia votes for its next president.

Where The Supreme Court And "office Space" Meet
February 26, 2008

Remember the scene in the movie where Peter, Samir, and Michael Bolton decide to launder money but realize they don't know what the term means and resort to looking it up in the dictionary? Well, the justices are doing the same thing in an attempt to decide whether the feds are applying the term too loosely: The government ...

The Vindication Of Al Gore
February 24, 2008

 The most trying experience for me, a Gore loyalist, after the Supreme Court gave George Bush the election in 2000 (and for years thereafter) was to sit and listen to the autopsies of the oh, so smart people who knew just how Al had screwed up. So what did the wise people say?  "He should have used Bill Clinton more."The fact is that I have never discussed, post-election, this particular matter with Gore. And neither did I discuss it with him during the campaign. But I was sure then that it was wisdom.

The Long Run-Up
February 21, 2008

Last night, around dinnertime, The New York Times postedon its website a 3,000-word investigation detailing Senator John McCain’s connections to a telecommunications lobbyist named Vicki Iseman.

What Story?
February 20, 2008

So here's the essence of the Times' 3,000-word "bombshell" on John McCain. John Weaver, whom McCain fired last summer (indentified in the Times piece as  "now an informal campaign adviser" to McCain, which sounds like a puffed-up euphemism for "unemployed") says that 8 years ago, he and two other former employees who have since "become disillusioned" (read: disgruntled), suspected that McCain was having an affair with a lobbyist.

Cracker Barrel In The Supreme Court
February 18, 2008

Emily Bazelon has a nice piece in Slate setting the stage for CBOCS West v. Humphries, the employment discrimination case the Supreme Court will hear tomorrow. Essentially, a supervisor at a Cracker Barrel make racist remarks and treated black employees (including the plaintiff, Hendrick Humphries) unfairly. Humphries complained and was promptly fired. Even the Bush Justice Department thinks he's entitled to damages.

The Flaw In Clinton's Florida-michigan Strategy
February 15, 2008

I see the Clinton campaign is still pressing to seat delegates from the Michigan and Florida primaries. What I fail to see is why. Like most people, I find the effort objectionable on philosophical grounds – particularly in Michigan, where Clinton's name was the only one on the ballot. The Clinton campaign says that it is merely trying to respect the rights of Michigan residents who went to the polls that day. Well, I happen to be one of those people. And I find the argument unpersuasive. But put that aside. It's the sheer practicality of this effort that baffles me at the moment.

Mccain Aiding Clinton?
February 14, 2008

So yesterday, John McCain attacked Barack Obama for lacking specifics. Also yesterday, McCain's economic advisor, Kevin "Dow 36,000" Hassett attacked Obama for allegedly pilfering Clinton's economic stimulus program. (The criticism, and Obama's denial of it, can be found here.) I noted yesterday that it's odd McCain would be attacking Obama for lacking specifics, when McCain is far vaguer and more ill-informed than Obama. It's even odder that McCain's campaign is jumping into the question of which Democrat came out with which stimulus plan first.