For Obama
June 13, 2007

Apropos Jonathan Chait's Plank, "More Poll Chewing," on the dismal showing of Hillary Clinton against any and all potential Republican presidential candidates, the question arises: is the party committing suicide, and just when it has had some life breathed into it? I asked that question in 1988 when the party, in a fit of enthusiasm for a real stiff, nominated Mike Dukakis. I mentioned his name at a dinner party the other night, a dinner party of grown-ups and well-educated grown-ups, at that. And one of the guests, a psychiatrist, asked who he was.

Who Woulda Thunk?
June 13, 2007

Say what you will about the Wall Street Journal editorial page, but they had the very good sense to run a surprising column (subscription required) today by former Republican Congressman Bob Barr arguing in favor of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Barr makes a coherent and convincing conservative case for removing the ban, writing: Conservatives are supposed to favor meritocracy--rewarding ability--especially in the armed forces.

In Today's Web Magazine
June 13, 2007

Jeffrey Rosen shows how Justice Anthony Kennedy has imposed his own morality on the Supreme Court (he also provides a field guide to some of Kennedy's most immodest speeches and opinions); Eric Reeves argues that Tuesday's "breathrough" on Darfur is about to hit a wall; Justin Shubow responds to Merlin Chowkwanyun's article and argues that race is in the genes; Peter Beinart and Jonah Goldberg say that Fred Thompson isn't another Reagan; and Sacha Zimmerman lambastes reality shows for their blatant disregard for the environment. --Alexander M. Belenky

Gaza Safer Under Occupation
June 06, 2007

The Palestinians are desperate. That's old news. Yes, of course, the occupation makes them desperate. But, hey, the occupation of Gaza was liquidated almost two years ago. Not a single Israeli soldier is in Gaza, except for the one captured last summer from over the Israeli border. According to an article by the very savvy Isabel Kershner in todays Times, even Mahmoud Abbas has averred that "the brink of civil war ...

Jews Are Gluttons For Punishment
June 05, 2007

The Jerusalem Post reports this morning that a bus carrying Israeli demonstrators from a Peace Now rally in Hebron against the occupation was pelted with rocks and stones. Where is the Palestinian sense of hospitality to friends?

Lower Education
May 30, 2007

I am not a big fan of those surveys ranking restaurants, doctors, lawyers, hairdressers, beers, and ice creams. I don't think much more of the surveys ranking universities and research institutions either. But when the faculties of three British universities initiate a boycott of all of the universities of one whole nation--in this case, you guessed it, of Israel-- I begin to think: What are those universities, anyway?

Responsible Journalism
May 29, 2007

by Linda Hirshman As I have mentioned elsewhere scholars, especially on the left, have been harsh in their criticism of me and other writers who reported the phenomenon of middle class women opting out of paid work. "A Myth," one reported. Family and work scholar Joan Williams called the real story "untold." "Why Can't the Media Ever Get it Right?" the Columbia Journalism Review asked. If we would just not tell about women deciding to quit, there would be no hostile workplaces and laggard spouses. Indeed we were speculating on imperfect data.

Romney's New Ad
May 23, 2007

It's running in Iowa, New Hampshire, and on national cable: ANNOUNCER (Voice Over): "In the most liberal state in the country, one Republican stood up and cut spending, instead of raising taxes. "He enforced immigration laws, stood up for traditional marriage and the sanctity of human life." GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "This isn't the time for us to shrink from conservative principles. It's a time for us to stand in strength.

Promises, Promises
May 22, 2007

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Joe Lieberman makes a not-so-veiled threat to defect to the GOP: "I hope the moment doesn't come that I feel so separated from the [Democratic] caucus" that he decides to shift allegiance to the Republicans, he said in an interview.

Murtha's Little Piece Of Pork
May 21, 2007

In response to the charge that Jack Murtha threatened to screw over Michigan Republican Mike Rogers for going after a project in his district, my first inclination is to note that this sort of (alleged) payback politics is practiced in virtually every legislative body anywhere. But the substance of the issue makes this something more than a politicized clash of egos--and at first blush it makes Murtha look pretty bad. The Pennsylvania Democrat is ticked that Rogers was trying to cut off funding for the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), which is located in Murtha's district.