Is The Chunnel A Target?
December 25, 2006

The last time I was on the Chunnel, the 31-mile tunnel that crosses underwater between the Britain and France, it occurred to me that this is an ideal target for terrorists. No, not IRA terrorists or Basque terrorists. But, sorry, Muslim terrorists. And now, in a dispatch by Jason Burke I've not seen elsewhere, The Observer, a newspaper that is quite calm about Muslim terrorism, thank you, reported that the Chunnel is, in fact a target, maybe during the holidays. The information comes from U.S. intelligence services, via French intelligence agencies.

Romney Calls The Cops
December 22, 2006

Mitt Romney does not make his ends meet. Not at all. For years, he employed illegal immigrant workers as landscapers and gardeners on his private estate. (I pointed this out here and here.) Who doesn't hire illegals? Almost no one. But Romney's presidential campaign is premised, among other intolerances, on a malevolent attitude to outsiders whom all sectors of society have conspired to bring in, to hire, to exploit. Just like Romney did.

In Last Week's Web Magazine
December 22, 2006

Happy New Year from The New Republic Online! Over the holiday week, Jonathan Chait pointed out how Bush fooled neoconservatives into supporting the Iraq war; Catherine O'Neill reminisced about Christmas as a foreign service brat in India; Roger Rosenblatt explained why the ghost of Christmas past was more influential than the ghost of Christmas future; S.Adele Shaw rued the Americanization of Christmas; Emma Chastain revealed the erotic side of The Nutcracker; the Editors bristled at Calvin Coolidge's admonition--delivered via New Year's card--not to disagree publicly with U.S.

That Was Then....
December 21, 2006

Allow me to offer this contribution to the ongoing Mitt Romney ideological nostalgia game. It's from the October 8, 1994 Boston Globe: Pledging to swing a hammer at the "glass ceiling" that impedes women's career advancement, Republican Senate nominee Mitt Romney yesterday proposed that all publicly traded companies be required to disclose data on what their female employees earn.

The Politics Of Johnson
December 14, 2006

On her blog yesterday, compassionate conservative Michelle Malkin posted about Tim Johnson's health. She told her readers to keep the Senator and his family in their thoughts and prayers, and then expressed her displeasure with the "rush to calculate the political consequences" on liberal blogs. Can we get serious? No one would give two cents about Tim Johnson's health were it not for the political consequences. And of course the politics (i.e. control of the Senate) is what we should be thinking about.

Refugees Everywhere
December 11, 2006

A few weeks ago, George Packer argued that if and when the United States finally pulls out of Iraq, the country should offer visas to those Iraqis who collaborated with us during the occupation, seeing as how they'll all be in grave danger when we leave. As an aside, he noted that last year the United States accepted fewer than 200 Iraqi refugees (and looking around, it seems that most of those had applied for admission before the current war).

Is History Useless?
December 10, 2006

by Stanley I. Kutler The only thing we learn from history is we forget it. A Cornell University poll found 44 percent of Americans believe the government should restrict the civil liberties of Muslims. Nearly 30 percent favored requiring Muslims to register with the federal government, and that the government utilize racial profiling. The poll numbers reflected more substantial support for restriction from Republicans and from those who consider themselves "highly religious." Republican voters supported restriction and surveillance efforts two-to-one over Democrats.

Romney's Immigration Problem
December 10, 2006

Mitt Romney sure has gall. I posted a Spine on the first part of this story, the fact that Mitt and Anne had illegal immigrants from Guatemala working on their land in Belmont, Massachusetts and on their son's, as well. Now, there is almost no one tougher on illegal immigrants in American politics than Romney, unless it is Representative Tom Tancredo, the phobic from Colorado. How Romney squares his position on illegals with his having them doing the landscaping at his house is a question that maybe he'll have to answer in a debate.

Obama And The Evangelicals
December 03, 2006

by Cass Sunstein For those wondering about the future of the Democratic Party, it's worth paying careful attention to Barack Obama's speech at the evangelical AIDS conference sponsored by Saddleback Church, available here. I am pointing not to the fact of the speech, which has already gotten considerable attention, but to its content. Obama's speech is noteworthy for at least four reasons. First, he spoke openly and unambiguously about his own religious convictions. ("My faith reminds me that we all are sinners. ...

Bad Days For Mitt Romney
December 01, 2006

It's been a bad couple of days for Mitt Romney. You probably have already read that John McCain crashed the Republican Governors Association meetings in Doral, Florida. This was supposed to be Romney's turf since he's head of the organization, and he had certainly made planes for it to be just that. Then McCain came to town, courted the governors, their associates, and the many lobbyists, and turned the event into, well, more than a competition, but a triumph of the senator's audacity and charm.