The Seven Cruelest—and Legal—Abuses of Animals in the U.S.
July 30, 2013

In a Sunday New York Times column provoked by two new documentaries—”The Act of Killing,” about the anti-communist massacres in Indonesia in 1965-6, and “Blackfish,” about a SeaWorld orca implicated in the deaths of three people—Nicholas Kristof aske

Israeli Lessons for Improving Guantanamo Bay
Why the U.S. military must withdraw from the detention camp
July 28, 2013

The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp should not exist. It costs U.S. taxpayers $1.2 million per day, and inflicts incalculable damage to America’s reputation.

Alito Shrugged
Libertarianism has won over the Supreme Court conservatives
July 28, 2013

Libertarianism has won over the Supreme Court's conservatives.

The Real Way to Fix Law School: More Lawyers
July 24, 2013

Earlier this week, we ran a symposium featuring prominent legal experts discussing what could be done to fix law schools. The symposium attracted numerous responses, including this one, from the University of New Hampshire's Leah Plunkett. 

How to Fix Law School
Six experts tell us what they'd change
July 23, 2013

Alan Dershowitz, Dahlia Lithwick, and other experts tell us what they'd change.

Our Cover Model: Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk
July 21, 2013

Actor Bob Odenkirk graces the cover of the latest issue of The New Republic—not for an article about "Breaking Bad," the AMC show in which he plays sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, but to accompany Noam Scheiber's story, "The Last Days of Big Law."

Attorney-Client Privilege? Not at Gitmo
The perverse rules governing the September 11 trials
June 28, 2013

A decade after the U.S.

So the VRA Is Gutted. Here's How to Still Fight Voter Discrimination
June 28, 2013

Retirement with dignity was denied to core provisions of the Voting Rights Act. If ever a statute rose to iconic status, a super-statute amid a world of ordinary legislation, it was the Voting Rights Act.

Unfair Voting Restrictions are a Nationwide Problem Now
Not that the Supreme Court's decision will fix this
June 25, 2013

Today, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which identifies the areas covered by federal preclearance under Section 5.

Affirmative, Sir! (And Ma'am!)
The U.S. military needs affirmative action now more than ever

By not striking down the University of Texas’s affirmative action program on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court seemed to preserve some legal room for using racial and gender preferences to create diversity in public education.