Les Miserables

The Strange Power of Les Mis, the Book
Victor Hugo's Hard-nosed Melodrama
March 02, 2013

Why the most dramatic parts of Les Misérables are also the most politically incisive.


The Most Divisive Issue in Film: Anne Hathaway
Movie buffs can't decide whether she's a good actress
February 22, 2013

Why can't critics decide whether or not she's a good actress?

TNR Film Classic: ‘Les Miserables’ (1936)
November 10, 1936

Those who are selling the French film Les Miserables to the American public are plugging the “challenge” angle; “France challenges comparison with the American version.” While this is a very good way to sell the picture to the kind of trade it will be sold to, there are still going to be some of us who will take a piece of that dare money as fast as anyone will put it up. Just to start with, the old picture made the course in one hour, forty-nine minutes: the present one covers roughly the same material m (counting intermission) two hours, fifty minutes.