Let's Make a Deal

Calling the Republican Bluff on Immigration
February 09, 2014

Republicans don't trust Obama to enforce new immigration laws? Fine, says Schumer—let's start the new program after Obama leaves office.

Instead of a Grand Bargain, How About a Little Bargain?
October 21, 2013

New bipartisan negotiations over fiscal policy are underway, as a result of the deal that ended the government shutdown. But don’t expect these negotiations to produce a “grand bargain” in which Democrats and Republicans each make major concessions.

Why 'Triangulation' Is the Most Empty Phrase in Politics
December 10, 2010

Mori Dinauer: Isn't "Triangulation" Just Another Way of Saying "Makes Political Deals?" Perfect. I've seen a variety of attempts at defining triangulation over the last few days; Dinauer's is my favorite by far. What is triangulation, really? I'll tell you, and you'll enjoy it, but first I'll make you sit through a couple of paragraphs about how bills pass in different contexts. With unified government, the best course for a president is usually to pass legislation by mobilizing his party. That's pretty much what Barack Obama did during the 111th Congress.