Lindsay Graham

Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent?
The Obama administration's radical view of Miranda rights was in place well before Boston
April 21, 2013

The Obama administration has gone much further than the Bush administration in embracing new restrictions on Miranda rights

The 'small-ball' Republicans
March 09, 2009

A propos of Lindsey Graham's decidedly awkward "Meet the Press" two-step, in which he defended the virtue of his own earmarks even as he urged President Obama to veto the budget for containing too many earmarks (video below), Mark Schmitt makes a sharp point: [F]or the moment, Republicans are far more dependent than Democrats on their ability to take some credit for federally funded projects. In the world with earmarks, Lindsay Graham is able to stand against the president on stimulus, on the budget, on Iraq, on health care.

The Election's Over, But The Bromance Never Ends
November 14, 2008

Word comes from the Obama-Biden transition that Obama and John McCain will have a sit-down in Chicago on Monday. Notably, Lindsay Graham, McCain's favorite riding partner (as Eve memorably established), will be there as a chaperone. Perhaps that's because--unlike the rest of the GOP--he's had such nice things to say about Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who'll also be in attendance. The last time Graham had to deal with a Democratic president, he tried to impeach him.