Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood Can't Get Sex Right, But One TV Show Can
August 01, 2013

'Lovelace,' 'The Canyons,' and 'Ray Donovan' reviewed.

David Thomson on Films: Lindsay Lohan’s Face and the Tolls of Celebrity
April 10, 2012

On Thursday, April 5, I saw the best movie I have seen so far this year. It was only 74 seconds long. That seems quick, yet it felt stealthy and suspenseful as it traveled through time. For the show was the story of a life, or 25 years of it. That is Lindsay Lohan’s age now, and her future is more precarious than 25 usually promises. I watched it first in the early morning of the fifth on Yahoo.

Herman Cain Wants To Take a Lie-Detector Test. Would It Work?
November 10, 2011

The polygraph test: last resort of the accused and desperate. In 2009, cocktail waitress Rachel Uchitel told two tabloids she’d take a lie-detector test to disprove charges she had an affair with Tiger Woods. Earlier this year, Lindsay Lohan offered prosecutors the same deal after she pinched a $2500 necklace. Facing new allegations of sexual assault, Herman Cain wants in too. While one intrepid Atlanta P.I.

Lindsay Lohan's Right-Wing Monetary Views
July 01, 2011

Lindsay Lohan turns out to be a hard money crank: With a vacant Federal Reserve Board spot open and Peter Diamond still unqualified, I wonder if Richard Shelby would consider appointing her. She has sound conservative views on monetary policy, a successful entrepreneur, and she appeals to the youth vote Republicans badly need. And she has appropriately skeptical views of labor: I also believe a Federal Reserve appointment would give Lohan the structure she needs to keep her life on track. It's win-win!

The Washington Bubble And The Forgotten Economic Crisis
April 29, 2011

Here are three excellent pieces you should read. They all appear to be about different topics, but there's a common thread connecting them. Let's begin with Dana Milbank's column about the excesses of the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, which has ballooned from a night into a giant, gross, money-soaked weekend: The fun begins, appropriately enough, at the offices of the American Gas Association, where White House reporters are feted by the lobbyists of the Quinn Gillespie firm. More lobbyist-sponsored entertainment comes from the Motion Picture Association.

From the Department of Hollywood Serendipity
May 07, 2010

Though Arizona may face multiple boycotts over its controversial new immigration law, filmmaker Richard Robert Rodriguez appears poised to cash in on the controversy. His new film Machete, set to release in September, tells the story of a Mexican ex-federale--called, as it happens, Machete (Danny Trejo)--set up in a failed plot to assassinate an anti-immigration U.S. senator (Robert DeNiro) to boost the popularity of his deportation efforts. The blades and bullets fly as Machete seeks vengeance on his double-crossers.

Pink Panther
December 10, 2008

It's hard to be a feminist when you're drunk. It's not that drinking isn't ladylike or that women shouldn't drink at all; my point is neither meant to be puritanical nor draconian. But how true to your own ideals, principles, and sense of self can you be if one is drowning that sense of self in booze?Whenever a woman hands her power to someone else--in this case, something else, alcohol--she is less than.

Girls, Girls, Girls!
October 05, 2004

"Cutting social commentary"; "acutely hilarious sociology"; "a harbinger of hope ... for future feminist comedies." These were some of the peculiar accolades bestowed upon the movie Mean Girls when it opened in theaters. Why did critics accord it such stature? Doubtless because it was, in the words of one, the "best teen comedy ever adapted from a sociological study." In actuality, the source material--Rosalind Wiseman's book Queen Bees %amp% Wannabes--is not a sociological study but a parenting guide, and Mean Girls is in no meaningful way "adapted" from it.