Lisa Miller

Yes, Perry and Bachmann Are Religious Radicals
August 31, 2011

While few in either the mainstream media or the conservative commentariat have been so bold as to deny that the Republican Party is a lot more ideologically rigid than it was four or twelve or thirty years ago, there has been some regular pushback against attaching such terms as “radical” and “extremist” to the party’s views. Some conservatives like to claim that they just look extreme when compared to a Democratic Party dominated by a radical socialist president.

Evangelicals And The Morality Of Debt
March 01, 2011

Christianity Today analyses the relative propensity of evangelicals to favor spending cuts: Lisa Miller writes: As on so many culture war battlefields, the political debate is being waged in theological language. On conservative Christian blogs and on right-wing Christian radio, preachers and pundits reinforce the Biblical sinfulness of debt. A publicist from Coral Ridge Ministries, the conservative megachurch in Coral Gables, Florida, quotes his church's founder, D.

How Ridiculous is David Paterson?
August 28, 2010

[Guest post by Isaac Chotiner] The New York Times is a wonderful newspaper, but it is rarely a humorous one. Indeed, most of the funny or ridiculous things one finds in the paper are unintentionally amusing (Lisa Miller's credulous "report" on reincarnation is a good example).