Virginia Woolf's Belated Obituary for Jane Austen
What would Austen have written about if she'd lived a longer life?
July 18, 2014

What would Austen have written about if she'd lived a longer life?

63 Years Ago, We Knew That 'The Catcher in the Rye' Was Insufferable and Overrated
July 16, 2014

You called it, too. Salinger's novel isn't as great as people claim.

Politics and Fiction
Morals are the husband and wife of literature
July 14, 2014

How to be a "guerrilla of the imagination."

My Novel's Only Draft Was Kidnapped in Syria—and I Lived to Tell the Tale
June 27, 2014

"I realised: As well as my wallet and keys and hundreds of dollars, as well as my bank details and personal photographs—he had my book."

The Stickers Any Loyal Murakami Reader Will Really Want
June 20, 2014

Every time he mentions a weird ear fetish, slap a sticker on your novel.

Why Did Borges Hate Soccer?
Mass culture was anathema to the Argentine writer
June 20, 2014

"Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular,” Borges once said.

Why Has Literature Ignored Soccer?
June 12, 2014

Baseball has inspired great literature in part because it's seen as a kaleidoscope of the American Dream; soccer, not so much.

In the Near Future, Only Very Wealthy Colleges Will Have English Departments
Adapt (not publish) or perish
June 08, 2014

The change isn’t necessarily an evil to be decried.

Watch Arthur Conan Doyle Explain How He Invented Sherlock Holmes
May 21, 2014

An amazing little video in which Doyle mocks his own creation.