From the Stacks: “Homage to Thomas Mann”
April 1, 1936
August 12, 2013

In 1936, Thomas Mann finally broke his silence on a new, Nazi Germany. Here, The New Republic editors' original statement in support of Mann's bold choice.

This Is the Summer of Lovecraft
August 09, 2013

All summer I've been manacled to my desk writing a book about a former friend of mine, the impostor and convicted killer known to the world and the media as Clark Rockefeller.

From the Stacks: “A Girl in Winter”
November 20, 1976
August 09, 2013

Philip Larkin would have been 91 today. In his honor, Joyce Carol Oates's review of his second novel, as originally published in The New Republic.

From the Stacks: “‘The Melancholy Bull’”
December 15, 1926
August 05, 2013

On the anniversary of Guy de Maupassant's birth in 1850, The New Republic's 1926 review of two books chronicling his life: Guy de Maupassant, A Biographical Study, by Ernest Boyd, and The Life, Work and Evil Fate of Guy de Maupassant, by Richard Harborough Sherard.

From the Stacks: "Conrad After Five Years"
January 8, 1930
August 03, 2013

Joseph Conrad died 89 years ago today. In his honor, we present to you Granville Hick's reflection on the importance of Conrad's work, as originally published in The New Republic.

From the Stacks: “The Fire Last Time”
June 1, 1992
August 02, 2013

On the 89th anniversary of James Baldwin's birth, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on what Baldwin can and can't teach America.

From the Stacks: “The Significance of Herman Melville”
October 10, 1928
August 01, 2013

Herman Melville, the celebrated author behind Moby-Dick, would have been 194 today. In his honor, we bring you an essay by Lewis Mumford—a legend in his own right—on Melville's philosophy and outlook. 

From the Stacks: "Emily and Her Sisters"
July 18, 1928
July 30, 2013

Emily Brontë was born 195 years ago today. In her honor, we bring you New Republic associate editor Robert Morss Lovett's 1928 take on Emily, her sisters, and her legacy.

Orhan Pamuk Reading Guide
July 29, 2013

In our latest issue, we published an interview with Nobel Prize–winning novelist Orhan Pamuk. Pamuk studied journalism in college, but in 1975 decided to focus on writing books.

From the Stacks: "Why Coleridge?"
September 13, 1939
July 25, 2013

In honor of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who died 174 years ago today, Kenneth Burke's 1939 essay lauding Coleridge as a great champion of idealism.