Liz Cheney

The Cheney Renaissance Starts in Wyoming
February 27, 2013

Dick's daughter Liz could be getting ready for a Senate run.

July 08, 2010

Nuclear policy analysts are apoplectic about his "shabby, misleading and … thoroughly ignorant" reasoning, and his arguments have already been rebutted on the merits in a number of places (including here,  here, here, and here). But the question at hand isn't necessarily whether Romney's ghostwriter "has even the vaguest acquaintance with the subject matter." As with the "death panels," Romney's op-ed is an ideological statement, which does not require fealty to facts.

Pink Elephants
April 21, 2010

“Someone had better tell Washington that the pink elephant is on the move!” So crowed Sarah Palin earlier this month at a high-voltage campaign rally for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the Minneapolis Convention Center. While chock-full of the liberal-bashing you’d expect from the dynamic duo, the event also had a weird strain of girl power running through it. The two women entered to country cutie Martina McBride’s “This One’s for the Girls,” and, in introducing Palin, Bachmann gushed about how “drop-dead gorgeous” her sister-in-arms is, both inside and out.

Queen Tea
March 28, 2010

Note to Sarah Palin: Screw the reality show. Taking Americans on televisual tours of Alaska’s natural wonders would I’m sure be fun and lucrative, but the gig cannot possibly take maximum advantage of your special talents.

Lawyer Up
March 17, 2010

Earlier this month,the conservative organization Keep America Safe launched a p.r. fusillade against Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys who represented Guantánamo detainees. “The crux of the matter,” says Liz Cheney, chair of the organization, “is the American people have a right to know whether lawyers who used to represent and advocate on behalf of terrorists” are working at DOJ. They just want to know who the terrorist lawyers are.

Don't Conservatives Hope To Govern?
February 15, 2010

Mike Potemra at National Review argues that liberals should like the filibuster: I address this question to Rachel Maddow, who just delivered a long and passionate address against the filibuster (I caught only the last five minutes of it): Three years from now, Palin is president, with J. D. Hayworth as Senate majority leader, and Michele Bachmann as Speaker of the House. (Of course it’s impossible – just like the election of Obama was, and the election of Scott Brown, and . .

Don't Kill Dick!
December 01, 2009 makes mention of a new effort--complete with freshly launched web site--to draft Dick Cheney for a 2012 White House run. This is just plain daft. Love him or hate him, I think we can all acknowledge that a presidential campaign, much less a term in the hot seat, would almost certainly put Dick in the ground. Parts of him may be only 68, but he has cardiovascular system of a 130 year old. The man's ticker barely made it through his VP years. Liz Cheney's recent joking on Fox News about her dad's running again was enough to make me cringe.

Sexism! Charges Liz Cheney
November 16, 2009

So I'm scrolling through NRO's "Rogue" blog, and I run across an outtake from Chris Wallace's Sunday panel chat about Palin, in which Liz Cheney actually asserts that sexism is the only possible reason to suggest that Palin wouldn't be a serious presidential contender in 2012. Of course, during the same segment, Liz also made a cutesy joke about her dad running in 2012, so by those standards...

Dick's Daughter Takes It Up a Notch
October 13, 2009

When I read today's Politico piece about Liz Cheney's new "Keep America Safe," a foreign-policy focused group aimed at saving this nation from the "radical" Obama White House, two things immediately sprang to mind: 1. With every passing week, Bill Kristol sounds more like an overcaffeinated Ann Coulter: "The Left has dozens of organizations and tens of millions of dollars dedicated to undercutting the war on terror. The good guys needs some help too." What an appalling jackass. 2.

Darth's Daughter
July 22, 2009

With Liz Cheney's gradually rising profile, does anyone else smell a new political dynasty in the making? I know. I know. She has a toxic last name (for now). But she's bright, attractive, and (at least when I chatted with her several years ago) exceedingly personable. Plus, she's a chick (with five adorable kiddies, no less) in a party that's desperate for XX voters. As far as the horses in the current GOP stable go, she's got potential. --Michelle Cottle