Liz Cheney

Cheney 2012?
July 13, 2009

Via a very excited Michael Goldfarb, The Washington Times reports that Liz Cheney is considering running for office. I concede to being excited about this, too--although presumably for different reasons than Goldfarb. One of the galling things about Dick Cheney--and his supporters--is their presumption that they speak for real Americans or a silent majority or some other significant portion of the electorate. But the truth is, Cheney hasn't really been accountable to actual voters for more than 20 years--the last time he was elected to Congress.

Well What Do You Know
April 12, 2007

She's baaaack. Liz Cheney takes to the WaPo op-ed page (her last effort there remains the worst op-ed of the year) to recite the familiar litany of reasons why Nancy Pelosi was wrong to go Syria. But there's one line in Cheney's piece that's actually kind of unexpected.

More Liz
January 23, 2007

Not to make too much out of Liz Cheney's disgraceful, laughable op-ed, but her argument is even more ridiculous if you accept her premise that the Democratic Party is nothing but a bunch of wimps urging surrender. Since this is all the Dems talk about, and since everyone knows they have become the party of "cut-and-run," isn't it then true that the American people said, in Liz Cheney's words, "that they want us to lose this war"?