The Grock Chronicles
June 08, 2009

Click here for Margo Howard’s Week One coverage of the Clark Rockefeller case. WEEK TWO, DAY ONE There is great anticipation about Sandra Boss’s appearance. A larger than usual number of still photographers are hanging around on the courthouse steps, since only one pool photographer is allowed in the courtroom.

Maine And Judicial Activism
May 08, 2009

I am late to this, but Maine Governor John Baldacci's explanation of why he changed his mind on gay marriage was fascinating--and shed some light on a question that has been hotly debated in liberal circles over the past few years: When it comes to gay marriage, does judicial activism help or hurt? From The New York Times: Gov.

Tracy Flicks
February 17, 2009

New York’s new senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is a very ambitious politician. Just months after deposing a four-term GOP incumbent in 2006, she raised nearly $700,000--more than any other freshman legislator. As a sophomore in the House, she attempted to bypass more senior members for a seat on the coveted Ways and Means Committee. And she lobbied intently for the Senate appointment. “[H]er eye has been on that prize for a long, long time,” Jonathan Schiller, a founding partner of Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, where Gillibrand worked as a partner, told the New York Observer.

Sing for Me, Muse, the Mania
October 08, 2008

Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell Edited by Thomas Travisano with Saskia Hamilton (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 845 pp., $40) '"Your poem came to the right buyer," Robert Lowell wrote to Elizabeth Bishop during the spring of 1976 after receiving "One Art," the nineteen lines that Bishop called "the one & only villanelle of my life." Composed in a tightly repetitive form inherited from the troubadours of the late Renaissance, "One Art" may be the best known, most anthologized American poem of the past half-century.

Today's Polls: Remember The Maine?
October 04, 2008

With the first set of tracking polls out to incorporate at least one full day of post-debate interviewing, there is no indication that John McCain and Sarah Palin have made progress in closing their gap with Barack Obama. In fact, Obama ticked upward in three of the four national tracking polls that published today, although he lost a point in Rasmussen.

Remember The Maine (electoral Vote)!
October 02, 2008

Politico on the electoral map after McCain's dramatic decision to abandon Michigan: The count is so tight that Maine could be the new Ohio.

Could The Election Be Decided By.... Maine Moose Hunters?
September 17, 2008

On local public radio I just heard a journalist from Maine theorize that Sarah Palin might be extremely popular in the state's wilderness-y west, which is filled with hunters, fishers and other non-crunchy sporting types.

Made Man
August 20, 2008

ON SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1980, Cindy Lou Hensley married Navy Captain John McCain at the First United Methodist Church on Central Avenue in Phoenix, not far from the bride’s childhood home. After the ceremony, the wedding entourage headed nearly three miles east to the Arizona Biltmore resort, a sprawling gray oasis designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright protégé in the 1920s. Guests fêted the couple in the resort’s Aztec Room, an elegant, twelve-sided banquet hall with a vaulted, gold-leaf ceiling. The 25-year-old bride seemed impervious to the desert heat.

Obama-hillary: A Dream Or A Nightmare?
May 24, 2008

I am not going to get into the game of saying whom Barack Obama should choose to be his vice-presidential nominee. I am chastened from having argued for John Kerry to pick John Edwards in 2004. And I am not going to say whom he shouldn't choose either. But I want to suggest that there are pitfalls to his endorsing the "dream ticket" of himself and Hillary Clinton, which prominent Clinton supporters like Diane Feinstein are promoting. There are two arguments for Obama choosing Clinton: one is plausible; the other is bogus.

Obama Takes Maine
February 10, 2008

CNN has just called it, and it looks like he's going to win by a hefty margin. It would have been nice to see some entrance poll data, but, alas, there isn't any. My hunch is that the Clinton campaign didn't make much of an effort to turn out its supporters today. There are enough white working class people in Maine to have made it relatively close. (Unless Obama has started to make some real inroads among the white working class--again, would have been nice to see demographic data.) --Noam Scheiber