Man Made Disaster

A Bizarre Invocation
November 12, 2007

Take your pick. You can read about it on Reuters, the Associated Press, or in the New York Times in a dispatch by Isabel Kershner. Some reports say that six Palestinians were killed by Hamas fire at a Fatah-sponsored memorial for Yassir Arafat in Gaza. Others say eight. It could be more. Anyway, no less than 85 were wounded, including a Hamas policeman who was shot in the head. The dissension now is over who murdered whom?Mahmoud Abbas called it a "heinous crime." It was also another victory for his enemies.

Wildfires And Global Warming
November 02, 2007

The newly formed House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming (a.k.a. the House Committee Created In Order to Prevent John Dingell from Being in Charge of Democratic Climate-Change Policy) held an interesting hearing yesterday morning on the connection between wildfires and climate change.

Campaign Statement Redux
October 30, 2007

Chris Dodd, 2007: As you know, Governor Schwarzenegger has had to ask other states for help because so many of California's National Guard, who provide critical support to the citizens while you are fighting the fires, were deployed to Iraq. In a Dodd Administration, never again will our houses be on fire because our troops are taking fire in Iraq.  John Kerry, 2004: And we shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them down in the United States of America. --Keelin McDonell 

Withdraw From Gaza
September 04, 2007

We know that the mob that rules Gaza does not want a final settlement with settlement. It is more likely that they want a "final solution." Yesterday, out of nine Kassams aimed at the Negev town of Sderot, one hit the court-yard of a day care center. It was early in the morning, and children were arriving for the day. Miraculously, one might say, no one was killed and no one was hurt. Credit for the rocket fire was claimed by Islamic Jihad, but Gaza is a place now where nothing is done without the assent of Hamas--which, by the way, has not been denied.

Turkmenistan Times

It's been a bit of an Ashgabat explosion over at The New York Times lately. In the last four weeks, C.J. Chivers has filed four stories--for a total of 4706 words--about the previously little-heard-from totalitarian state nuzzled between Iran, Afghanistan, and the Caspian Sea. Curious about the country's official tour guides? click here. Interested in the country's heroin problem? See here. Want to get to know the country's new leader? Here. Finally, how about American-Turkmen relations?

A Cigarette and a Window
May 07, 2007

The devastating chronicle of Brooklyn malaise.

The State Of Russia
February 16, 2007

Everyone is writing about Russia these days. And in Moscow, Putin is planning for the future, elevating his defense minister, Sergei Ivanov, to the post of deputy prime minister.

In Today's Web Magazine
January 24, 2007

Jonathan Cohn says that President Bush's State of the Union health-care plan is too late; David Kusnet, a speechwriter, analyzes the oration; David Hajdu asks if Sting is really, literally, a Renaissance man; Zvika Krieger wanders through Beirut, which is largely on fire; and Kenneth Baer thinks the 2008 front-runners need to raise far less cash than handicappers say. --Adam B. Kushner

The War On Terror In Montana
October 26, 2006

by Richard SternOne of the incidental enrichments of a teacher's life is the reaction of his former students to his utterances.

Is The Protestant God Evil?
September 18, 2006

by Eric RauchwayIt seems that our theological disputations of last week have rested with Jacob Levy letting himself get rolled by Brad DeLong because Brad quoted some hippie theology at him and, in passing, called the Protestant God evil.