Marc Thiessen

Americans Hate Everybody
April 26, 2010

When Chris Christie won the special election for New Jersey governor in 2009, liberals pointed out that it was the predictable result of skyrocketing unemployment and a state government forced to make unpopular budget choices. Conservatives, by contrast, hailed it as an ideological rejection of liberalism: The victories of McDonnell and Christie were an unmistakable clue that the country was turning against Obama and Obama’s Washington. McDonnell attacked the president and his policies and won in a landslide.

Mayer Dreams Come True
March 24, 2010

It's highly unusual for a New Yorker article to just brutalize its subject. Jane Mayer's review of Marc Thiessen's defense of torture, and attack on the Obama administration, is an enjoyable and thoroughly convincing exception. Thiessen simply appears to be a straight-out liar.

Lawyer Up
March 17, 2010

Earlier this month,the conservative organization Keep America Safe launched a p.r. fusillade against Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys who represented Guantánamo detainees. “The crux of the matter,” says Liz Cheney, chair of the organization, “is the American people have a right to know whether lawyers who used to represent and advocate on behalf of terrorists” are working at DOJ. They just want to know who the terrorist lawyers are.

Thiessen On The Daily Show
March 11, 2010

I just this morning got the chance to watch Jon Stewart's interview with former Bush speechwriter, and current Washington Post columnist, Marc Thiessen. These interviews are often described as knockouts when the reality is a little more murky. The Thiessen interview, though, was a true knockout. Thiessen repeated his Cheney-ite talking points about how Obama was making us less safe, and Stewart just dissected one after another. Thiessen's only recourse was to try to talk over Stewart's rebuttals, making several points in a row so that Stewart couldn't rebut each one.

February 09, 2010

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