Marijuana Might Make You a Worse Driver Than Alcohol Does
June 10, 2014

Driving stoned is still safer than driving drunk, right? Don't be so sure.

We Need a Strong Prison System
But we need to imprison people for fewer crimes and for less time
May 24, 2014

The American prison system isn't getting results. 

People Are Still Being Prosecuted for Legal Marijuana. Obama Hasn't Pardoned One of Them.
March 03, 2014

Obama is tougher on pot than Bush. But Americans like pot more than they like Obama.

Hemp Might Finally Make a Comeback in America
December 06, 2013

The New York Times wrote Thursday about Colorado’s “marijuana refugees”: Families who uprooted their lives to the move to the state when it legalized pot because the drug has crucial medicinal effects on their children’s illnesses.

High Times Magazine May Be the Most Influential Publication of Our Era
It actually changed the culture
November 17, 2013

It's never won a National Magazine Award, but who cares? It actually changed our culture.

Marijuana is America's Next Political Wedge Issue
Pot politics, in 2016 and beyond
October 24, 2013

Public opinion about legal pot has changed dramatically. Politicians are about to start catching up—and picking fights about it.

Legal Pot Has a Branding Problem
Step away from the Doritos, people!
August 19, 2013

Now that pot is getting to be all grown up and legal, I think it’s time we take a hard look at its aesthetics. 

The Most Surprising Proposal in the New York Mayoral Race
August 14, 2013

As my colleague Marc Tracy wrote yesterday, progressive New Yorkers seem to have fallen in love with Bill de Blasio, the public advocate who “lives in Park Slope with his multiracial family, and talks a lot about inequality.” This is a particularly h

This Is What Legal Pot Stores Look Like
August 12, 2013

"Marijuana remains illegal at the national level, with no medical exception," Michael Kinsley notes in the latest issue of The New Republic.

Just How Much Marijuana Will Bureaucrats Allow in a Legal Pot Brownie?
Washington state's reefer regulatory madness
August 11, 2013

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