Marion Barry

Marion Barry Could Have Been a Great Mayor in Any Other American City
November 23, 2014

How D.C. brought out the worst in its infamous mayor.

Marion Barry Was the Greatest Show on Earth
November 23, 2014

To one politically obsessed kid growing up in D.C., anyway.

Marion Barry Was a Historic Figure Who Couldn't Admit He Was History
November 23, 2014

He may have seemed like a political Lazarus, but his comebacks were nothing extraordinary.

Why Are Black Voters More Forgiving of Scandalized Politicians?
August 15, 2013

In a campaign season where a candidates’ literal (and Internet) bedmates are more discussed than his political ones, the New York Times recently noted that scandal-tainted politicians like Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner have retained a disproportio

Even Before the Crack-Smoking Videotape, Rob Ford was the Most American Politician in Canada
May 17, 2013

Even before the scandal involving a video of his allegedly smoking crack, Toronto's mayor was the most American-style politician in Canada

Washington, D.C.'s Racial Polarization Is Not That Bad
September 10, 2010

It’s still a close race, but the odds are that Washington, D.C., mayor Adrian Fenty will lose to D.C. Council chairman Vincent Gray in the dispositive Democratic primary next Tuesday.

The Scribbler
February 18, 2010

If you’re a journalist, chances are you’ve had some pretty low moments in the last few years, as your industry has imploded all around you. But, in your darkest hours, you were always able to console yourself with one thought: At least I’m not Tucker Carlson. Just consider his bad run. It started in October 2004, when Jon Stewart went on CNN’s “Crossfire,” co-hosted by Carlson, and accused the show of “hurting America,” while making fun of Carlson’s trademark bow tie and calling him a “dick”--all to the laughter and applause of the studio audience.

Rudy Don't Wanna Run Nothing But His Mouth
November 19, 2009

Just to follow up on Crowley's post, now that Giuliani's abandoned Senate and Gubernatorial runs, I think it's past time that we repurposed Marion Barry's old line about Jesse Jackson. Update: Oops, looks like I channeled my inner-Marion Barry too soon. The Daily News is reporting that Rudy's not running for governor so that (contra what he told Crowley) he can run for Senate. Later Update: Now Rudy's spokeswoman is denying the Daily News report. There's a lesson here: Never doubt Crowley, or the little voice of Marion Barry that speaks inside all of us.

Mayor for Life
August 10, 2009

In the summer of 1990, I was 16 years old and working as an intern on Capitol Hill. As one might expect of a high school student who spends his summer vacation interning for a senator--rather than, say, working as a camp counselor or hanging out at the beach--I had a somewhat inflated view of my importance. I came to work early and stayed late, certain my presence was vital to the smooth running of government. But about halfway through the summer, I put in for a day off. My boss, probably thinking I was going to do something fun, eagerly granted it. Little did she know.