Mark Levin

Rick Perry, Criminal Justice Reformer? The Governor’s Surprisingly Complicated Record.
September 17, 2011

Should Rick Perry win the Republican presidential nomination, he’ll no doubt be eager to tack to the political center. The first order of business will no doubt be to taper off his most populist rhetoric, including his recent talk of treasonous monetary policy and Ponzi entitlement schemes. But if it comes to wooing independents in the general election, he may also be able to leverage a surprising aspect of his record as governor of Texas: criminal justice reform. Texas, of course, has the largest and one of the harshest penal systems in the country, and the most active death chamber.

Conservative Journalists Fight For Marco Rubio's Love
November 12, 2010

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin and The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes are waging an utterly hysterical skirmish over which one loves, and is loved by, Marco Rubio more. Levin argues that he's the real Rubio supporter: Steve Hayes conveniently ignores two things.  First, when did the Weekly Standard endorse Rubio? Second, the first nationally syndicated talk show to endorse Rubio was ... mine. Au contraire, replies Hayes -- the Standard has been slavishly supporting Rubio from the beginning: THE WEEKLY STANDARD doesn’t endorse candidates.

Sharron Angle Interprets The Establishment Clause
June 15, 2010

Maniacal Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle, learning from Rand Paul's lesson, is confining interviews to friendly right-wing outlets. Here she is talking to National Review: — On her primary win: “It became focused with the Tea Party Express endorsement,” she says. “The first endorsement that we got that was of great consequence was from Gun Owners of America. We knew that was of great consequence because it reached across party lines in Nevada. We’re pretty much a 90 percent Second Amendment state.

Liberals Vs. Liberal Entertainers
May 10, 2010

Remember the recent Manzi Soap Bar Beating, in which National Review's writers and editors refused to admit the obvious fact that popular right-wing radio talk show host Mark Levin is a hack propagandist? The Frum Forum's Noah Kristula-Green digs into the obvious follow-up: Do liberal intellectual magazines ever call out liberal entertainers for extremism? A good question.

The Manzi Soap Bar Beating
April 26, 2010

There are a few writers who contribute to National Review's blog who understand that many other writers for National Review are poorly-informed propagandists. Generally, this minority of intelligent conservatives have tended to avoid criticizing their more rabid colleagues, or have couched their criticisms in the most gentle terms.

Conservatives Open The Epistemology
April 21, 2010

I recorded an interesting bloggingheads discussion today with National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru. We discussed the problem of "epistemic closure," and he agreed that it was primarily a conservative phenomenon and a serious problem. I'll provide the video when it becomes available. Meantime, Jim Manzi decides to do his part in the fight against epistemic closure, and, in a post at the Corner unlike any I've seen before, absolutely unloads upon Mark Levin.

Sorting the Liars from the Loonies
October 19, 2009

David Frum, trying harder than usual to alienate himself from the derangement of his party, suggests a thought experiment to determine which conservative "entertainers" actually believe the lunacy they peddle: Suppose an agent arrived in the offices of Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity/O’Reilly etc. with an offer. “I can guarantee you a deal that will pay you twice as much - bring you twice as much fame - and extend your career twice as long - if you’d say the exact opposite of what you are saying now.” Which of them would sign? Frum's guesses: My nominations: O’Reilly accepts for sure.

Mark Levinsane
June 04, 2009

Hilarious, isn't it? See, I combined the name of talk-radio hothead Mark Levin with the word "insane" in order to take him down a peg and/or hurt his feelings. I'm forced to confess, however, that I borrowed this witty, elegant--oh, let's call it what it is: riotously clever--idea from Levin himself, who has posted links to some of his more prominent conservative detractors (a.k.a.

The Sane And The Insane
May 26, 2009

See if you can determine which is which. Mark Levin to a caller on his radio show (via Conor Friedersdorf): Answer me this, are you a married woman? Yes or no?... Well I don’t know why your husband doesn’t put a gun to his temple. Get the hell out of here. David Frum on Mark Levin: Imagine some commuter - a nonpolitical person, a family man or woman, a taxpayer and billpayer - who happens to flip the dial on the radio on the way home and hears that exchange.