Mark Penn

Microsoft's Mark Penn Mistake
February 15, 2013

It's running a political campaign against Google.

Is There Any Way Republicans Can Convince the Country That They Are Moderates?
September 23, 2011

In the war of words over Barack Obama’s presidency, one important asset for conservatives has been the ability to identify at least a few self-styled “centrists” to periodically support the standard Republican claim that Obama is a dangerous leftist who is recklessly expanding the federal government beyond any past precedent or reasonable expectation.

Did Republicans Drink the Ryan Kool-Aid? Debate Settled
May 10, 2011

I've been musing about how Republicans drank their own Tea Party Kool-aid and convinced themselves that voting for Paul Ryan's budget would go over well with the American public. Ramesh Ponnuru says they never believed they'd be popular: I spent a fair amount of time earlier this spring arguing with other conservatives that including Medicare reform in a budget resolution was not the best way to advance the cause of entitlement reform.

Clinton Anti-Nostlagia
April 06, 2011

Mark Penn thinks President Obama can beat the odds and win reelection if he follows Mark Penn's advice: Only two Democrats in the last 90 years have been reelected to a second term -- Franklin Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. The rest of the Democrats have seen their presidencies cut short, and so the historical odds of Obama winning a second term are at first glance not encouraging.

Fiscal Responsibility Is Risky
December 08, 2010

John F. Harris and Alexander Burns channel Mark Penn and argue that Democrats shouldn't tax the rich: In a CBS poll conducted last week, 53 percent of adults said they wanted the tax cuts extended for middle-class households, versus 26 percent who said they wanted all the cuts extended.

Failing Upwards
November 17, 2010

If you want more evidence for the proposition that a total fraud can continue to prosper if his brand of fraudulence tends to flatter the prejudices of the rich and powerful, take note that Mark Penn is now conducting polls for Politico, and Art Laffer has been hired to advise Rick Scott.

Dreaming Of The Hillary Clinton Presidency
November 08, 2010

I used to feel pretty certain that, if Hillary Clinton were president, she would have pulled the plug on health care reform after Scott Brown's Senate election. A person who spoke with her about that subject at the time recently convinced me otherwise.

Mark Penn Offers A Suggestion
June 02, 2010

Mark Penn lists a series of problems faced by president Obama and demands Action: almost all of these problems are about substance, not style, branding or even communications. They can't be addressed with press conferences and panels. The public is looking for direct and immediate action, thought out and taken by the an administration that acted boldly when it took office to prevent a possible depression. Okay, Mr. Penn. You want action! Something bold!

Another Word With My Penn Pal
May 07, 2010

Oh, one more thing about that Mark Penn: In noting all the wrong things about his op-ed, I left out this part: Thursday's elections in Britain could be a harbinger of what is likely to come to America in the not-too-distant future: new movements and even parties that shake up the political system. Cleggmania shows that even the most tradition-bound electoral systems are facing the pressures of rapid change made possible by modern communications. ... In Britain, the scandal over parliamentary expenses and frustration with the economy produced great demand for new choices.

Poison Penn
May 06, 2010

One fact that has grown increasingly clear over the last two years is that the Democratic Party dodged a bullet by not nominating or electing a presidential candidate whose chief political adviser is Mark Penn.