Mary Schapiro

Could Wall Street Actually Lose in Congress?
November 23, 2009

Something strange and a little disorienting is happening in the fight to reform Wall Street: It looks like the reformers are actually starting to win. This is not something you could have said as recently as six weeks ago. Back then, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank had just released a proposal to regulate derivatives, essentially bets on the movements of other assets (like stocks, bonds, commodities) or interest rates. Derivatives are in some respects the key battle in the broader regulatory campaign.

Regulate, Baby, Regulate
March 18, 2009

As the United States faces its biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, Barack Obama and his team have been looking to Franklin Delano Roosevelt for help. The influence so far is obvious: The stimulus measure passed by Congress in February includes money for building infrastructure, strengthening unemployment insurance, and helping state governments--all reminiscent of FDR's New Deal. It is now necessary for Obama to take the model one step further.

Will Mary Schapiro Sink The Sec?
January 14, 2009

The strikes against Financial Industry Regulatory Authority head Mary Schapiro, Obama's nominee to run the Securities and Exchange Commission, are piling up.