mass shootings

Ben Carson Is Confident He'd Confront a Mass Shooter, But He Has No Clue
October 06, 2015

"I would not just stand there and let him shoot me," he said. Psychologists say otherwise.

Here’s Why No One Can Agree on the Number of Mass Shootings
October 03, 2015

What's the difference between a "mass shooting" and a "mass killing"?

President Obama Wants to Make Gun Control a "Political Choice." Oregon Already Has.
October 02, 2015

Oregon voters booted gun-control opponents out of office in 2014, and passed a background-check law as a result. 

Donald Trump Is Right: Mass Shootings Have Become More Frequent
October 01, 2015

“It’s happening more and more," he said. "Years back, I just don’t remember these things happening."

Why Does the Columbine Myth About "Martyr" Cassie Bernall Persist?
September 16, 2015

The story was debunked 16 years ago—and yet, Rick Santorum repeated it during Wednesday night's Republican debate.

Navy Yard Shooting: “After a while, you just want it to stop, you know?”
September 16, 2013

By 10 a.m., police officers had given up trying to divert rubberneckers away from the Washington Navy Yard, a sprawling naval base where a gunman had opened fire in Building 197 at about 8:20 a.m.