The masters

The Masters Tournament And Georgia's Golf Economy
April 06, 2012

The 2012 Masters Tournament is under way, and in keeping with The Study’s longstanding interest in sports economics, it’s time to ask: Besides controversy, what does the PGA’s annual trip to Augusta produce? According to a 2003 analysis, the Masters represents a substantial payday for the state of Georgia. But the Masters is just part of the golf industry in Georgia, which includes over 400 courses and clubs as well as a substantial manufacturing component (the vast majority of all golf carts are produced in the state).

Is the Masters Golf Tournament Dangerous?
April 04, 2011

Later this week, the world’s top golfers will tee off at the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National in Georgia. Like other golf tournaments, the Masters is a stately, respectful affair. Players dress well, the fans keep their distance, and there seem to be few chances for players to get hurt. But does the game’s high-class, non-contact image mask a hidden danger? According to a couple studies, golf is a surprisingly dangerous game.

Newsprint and Transcendence
December 22, 2010

There were wonders to be discovered in New York on a recent cold, clear, brilliant December day. Eykyn Maclean, an elegant new gallery with space on two floors of a narrow building on East 67th Street, had mounted an exhibition of work by Alberto Giacometti.

The Mystery of the Free Lunch
May 23, 1981

Michael Kinsley on swanky business expenses.

An Appeal to Progressives
January 14, 1931

This is the first of a series of articles discussing the position of the contemporary progressive. They are the outcome of conversations among the editors of The New Republic which have been occurring for several months, and the gist of which may be of interest to our readers as raw material for though and discussion. The second article, by George Soule, will appear in next week’s issue. —THE EDITORS IT SEEMS to me that the time has come for liberals seriously to reconsider their positions.