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Has Drudge Become More Race-Baity? Here Are the Numbers.
September 05, 2013

Is the Drudge Report obsessed with race? We crunched the numbers to see.

The Latest Right-Wing Freakout Over Obamacare
August 13, 2013

The headline was splashed across the top of the Drudge Report this morning: “Obamacare Cost Caps Delayed Until 2015.” The link went to a New York Times story about another Obamacare regulatory decision—in this case, a ruling that some employers have

Thank You, Daily Caller, for Your Dud of a Story
October 03, 2012

The Daily Caller Obama bombshell is a big fat nothingburger. But it does raise an important point about the government's Katrina response.

Santonarola, Satan and The Birth Control Mandate
February 21, 2012

Matt Drudge has been giving Jennifer Rubin a run for her money in the blatant Romney boosterism department today, leading his site with the rather terrifying headline “SANTORUM’S SATAN WARNING,” accompanied by a picture of Rick Santorum speaking from a church pulpit wearing not a sweater vest but the even more electrifying combo of a suit jacket and turtleneck.

Romney Campaign Gets A Shot Of Viagra
January 26, 2012

As if having the likes of Ann Coulter, Elliot Abrams and Matt Drudge lowering the boom on Newt Gingrich wasn't bad enough, the Mitt Romney campaign decided to bring out the really heavy artillery today: losing 1996 candidate-turned-erectile dysfunction medicine pitchman Bob Dole. Here, in full, is the scathing statement Dole put out today about his former congressional colleague: I have not been critical of Newt Gingrich but it is now time to take a stand before it is too late.

A Critique of the Right’s War on Soccer
June 15, 2010

Howard Wolfson asks whether soccer has arrived in America? Good entry, but my question is who is Matt Drudge? This might make me look stupid (not that difficult), but I don’t know who he is. I’ve come across his name before, I assume he’s new media, and I’m an old person. But that’s neither here nor there.  So forgive me for the upcoming mini-rant, Howard. It is not directed at you by any means. I’m just tired of the question.  Has soccer arrived? I’ve always wondered why that question is asked. Has soccer ever not been in America for it to arrive? I’m not being facetious.

Matt Drudge and the Future of Soccer
June 13, 2010

Has soccer arrived in America? ABC/ESPN and Univision certainly think so -- they paid over $400 million combined to air the World Cup on their stations. The mainstream media think so as well -- the World Cup has been featured on the covers of Time, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and newspapers around the nation. But the surest sign that soccer has hit the big time in the States? Matt Drudge thinks so. Last night the Drudge Report website led with the speculation that World Cup organizers might ban the vuvuzela horns.  Earlier in the day he led with a picture of poor Robert Green looking haple

It’s Always Snowing on the Drudge Report
December 09, 2009

Is a “record cold” in Idaho threatening your potato crops? Never fear, Matt Drudge will post a link. Snowing in Houston? Drudge has the scoop! Blizzard delaying your flight out of JFK? You get the picture. Drudge’s climate denialism is well known, but his tendency to cite is, well, odd. Here’s a look at part of yesterday’s homepage:  Drudge links to weather reports a lot, and seemingly more in the fall and spring, when it should be cold outside but not that cold.

Scare Quotes of the Day
October 20, 2009

'' Courtesy of Matt Drudge:  Report urges action to preserve 'journalism'...