Matt Miller

And Yet Another Fiscal Hawk...
July 07, 2010

...comes out for a jobs package that includes temporary deficit spending. This time it's journalist and former Clinton Administration budget official Matt Miller, writing for the Washington Post: I got into policy journalism in the late 1980s and government in the early 1990s because of my worries about debt and deficits. I was a warrior for "generational equity" back when I was still (sigh) a member of the younger generation.

Nationalize The Schools?
March 04, 2008

The Center for American Progress has a provocative new report out by Matt Miller entitled Nationalize the Schools (...A Little)! It builds on his January article in The Atlantic, "First, Kill All the School Boards" (whatever one wants to say about Miller, the man does not shy away from attention-grabbing titles). Some of Miller's attacks on local control of education come off as a little over the top, but one that's dead on is his claim that local control has contributed to gross inequalities in per-pupil funding, both within and (perhaps more importantly) between states.