Everyone's a Queen
April 01, 2013

Is welfare spending, as Republicans now claim, the largest item in the federal budget? Only if you make up a new definition for welfare.

Paul Ryan Ups the Ante
March 05, 2013

Concessions? No. Reports say his next plan will make new demands.

Obama's Not-So-Secret Medicare Plan
February 22, 2013

I have a big scoop, straight from an extremely reliable White House source: The Obama Administration has endorsed means-testing of Medicare.

The Incredible Disappearing Health Benefits
February 19, 2013

Can a coal company get away with breaking its promises to workers?

"We the People": The Sleight of Hand at the Heart of Obama's Second Inaugural
January 21, 2013

The phrase "We the People" has divided the country since the original debate over the Constitution.

When It Comes to Worldview, Jack Lew is Obama in Coke-Bottle Glasses
January 09, 2013

Two years ago I was interviewing Tim Geithner when he started ticking off the ways he was poorly suited to being Treasury secretary late in Obama’s first term. Above all, he said, was the fact that the job was increasingly focused on questions of values and ideology—how the government should spend its scarce resources, who should get the shaft and who should pick up the tab—whereas Geithner saw himself as a financial technocrat. “A huge part of the economic challenge the president faces on this stuff is that it’s going to be at the center of the political debate,” he told me.

Can Chuck Hagel Cure the Military's Health Care Problem?
January 09, 2013

One of the military's biggest threats is from within: its soaring health care costs.

The Inside Story of How Obama Could Have Gotten a Better Tax Deal Without Biden
January 09, 2013

Why didn't the president play hardball, like Harry Reid wanted?

The Polls Don't Say What You Think They Do on the Debt Ceiling
January 07, 2013

Here we go again. Because the fiscal cliff deal left the debt ceiling issue untouched, Americans can count on a rerun of the mid-2011 “debt ceiling” debate over whether the United States government should be allowed to pay its bills.

Finished With Taxes? Not Even Close
January 06, 2013

With two new fiscal fights approaching, Republicans want taxes off the table.