Romney’s Performance Is a Test for the Media
October 04, 2012

A critical test for the media: Will it call out Romney for his distortions at Wednesday night's debate?

The Strategic Flaw in Obama’s Debate Performance
October 04, 2012

Obama spent the night in a defensive crouch,

The Four Most Misleading Moments in Romney's Debate Performance
October 04, 2012

In Wednesday's debate, Romney was sharper, more energetic, and--as usual--full of deception.

Um, About That Medical Device Tax...
September 28, 2012

Senator-turned-lobbyist Evan Bayh says a new tax will kill the medical device industry. Really?

The Capital of Retail Politics
September 28, 2012

Can Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp's personality trump the Super PAC money flooding into her state?

What Cutting Medicaid Means: A Personal Story
September 28, 2012

Harold Pollack explains why cuts to Medicaid and the safety net are a personal story for him.

“47%” Was Bad for Romney; Ryan Has Been Deadly
September 27, 2012

The conventional wisdom on Obama's recent surge overlooks an obvious dynamic: The escalating disaster that is Paul Ryan.

Proof That Mitt Romney Is A Redistributionist
September 24, 2012

In his 60 Minutes interview, Romney proves he’s a bigger redistributionist than Obama.

Romney’s New Health Plan: Go to the ER
September 24, 2012

Romney defends health plan by saying ERs provide care to all. He should know better.