Yet Another Writer Has Admitted Faking Her Holocaust Memoir
The long, strange history of made-up Shoah stories
May 17, 2014

There's a long, strange history of made up shoah diaries. Why do we repeatedly fall for them?

Dissident or Informant? The Murky Memory of Christa Wolf
March 07, 2013

In 1992, the Stasi revealed that Christa Wolf had helped them out. She had no memory of having written a report for them.

Kill Your Darlings
Is writing a memoir like murdering your family?
February 19, 2013

Is writing a memoir like murdering your family?

How Literature Saved This Book
February 12, 2013

Several years ago, David Shields staked out a new literary aesthetic with Reality Hunger. His latest, How Literature Saved My Life, reads like so many strung-together blog posts. But does that matter?

Excess Baggage—The Voluminous Diaries of Christopher Isherwood
January 11, 2013

Isherwood's overflowing diaries are in need of a thorough edit.

Fever Dreams—Investigating the Memoir
November 29, 2012

Cahalan understands her memoir as an illumination of absence more than an act of retrospection.

The Poet Politician—Chinua Achebe’s Civil War
October 22, 2012

There Was a Country, a personal memoir, is a literal explanation of what happens when “the center cannot hold.”

Past Lives: A Memoir of Family Secrets and Lies
September 28, 2012

Few people manage to view themselves with the candor and subtlety that Roth summons in The Scientists.

Boho Blues: What To Do When Your Brooklyn Neighborhood Loses Its Edge
September 26, 2012

Robert Anasi suffer from a fatal lack of self-awareness, which constitutes its own brand of narcissism.

A Very Particular Place
August 22, 2012

As "part-returnee and part-tourist" Noo Saro-Wiwa chronicles Nigeria's path to globalism.