Mental Illness

The Germanwings Mass Murder–Suicide Shows the Importance of Depression Intervention
March 30, 2015

“We’re social creatures. We’re looking for any way to connect.”

Can Science Offer New Answers to Mental Illness?
August 15, 2014

No matter how much progress we make, mental illness is still largely a medical mystery.

Robin Williams' Death Is a Wakeup Call for Mental Illness
August 12, 2014

The mentally ill still lack the health-care coverage and treatment they need.

'I Dreamed of a Sudden Death!': Passages from Siegfried Sassoon's Diaries
August 01, 2014

The haunting private thoughts of one of the twentieth century's best known English poets.

TV Needs to Stop Treating Mental Illness as a Superpower
April 24, 2014

ABC's "Black Box" is an absurdly clumsy example of one of pop culture's most noxious tropes.