Free Larry Summers
April 01, 2009

On a typical day, Larry Summers, the top White House economic adviser, sits in his office overlooking the Rose Garden and receives a near-endless succession of aides working on a stunning variety of issues. In a single, several-hour bloc, Summers might have meetings on housing, the auto industry, health care, technology policy, and the financial crisis, all of which he’s exploring in subatomic detail.

Free Larry Summers
April 01, 2009

Why the White House needs to unshackle its economic oracle.

The Shah of Venezuela
April 01, 2009

The ideas that keep Hugo Chavez in power.

Last Evenings On Earth
February 18, 2009

2666 By Roberto Bolano Translated by Natasha Wimmer (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 912 pp., $30) WELL, IT’S not dead yet. The modernist idea, which is really a Romantic idea, that the truest art comes from the margins, from the social depths, from revolt and disgust and dispossession, from endless cigarettes and a single worn overcoat, is still, in this age of MFA’s and faculty appointments, when Pound’s “make it new” long ago became Podhoretz’s “making it”—is still, still, however improbably alive.

Obama And The Drug War
December 22, 2008

Is it possible that nowadays more people are beheaded in Mexico than in Iraq? I'm not aware that candidate Obama--perhaps not wanting to start a conversation about his biography--ever addressed the folly of the drug war in detail. In 2004 he did call the enterprise an "utter failure" and said it was time to "rethink" marijuana laws (short of legalization), but you didn't hear much of that during the campaign.

Party Like It's 1846
April 05, 2008

 Via the fantastic site Strange Maps, this ad in Mexico is causing a bit of a stir:   Michelle Malkin, predictably, is all over it. It's admittedly a little distressing (especially to those of us from the Southwest!), and one wonders exactly what Absolut's marketing people were thinking. But what self-respecting superpower is so insecure as to start a boycott over a vodka ad featuring simply an historically accurate map?

The Remnant
March 26, 2008

In the last years of his life, William F. Buckley Jr., who died on February 27 at the age of 82, broke with many of his fellow conservatives by pronouncing the Iraq war a failure and calling for an end to the embargo on Cuba. He even expressed doubt as to whether George W. Bush is really a conservative—and he asked the same about neoconservatives. To Buckley's liberal admirers, these sentiments suggested that the godfather of the Right had, like Barry Goldwater, crept toward the center in his old age.

Phantom Menace
February 13, 2008

John B. Judis: The psychology behind America's immigration hysteria.

A Border Story
November 29, 2007

By Thanksgiving, Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes had been walking for two days pretty much straight. He had already illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border--"I have two families, many mouths to feed," he told the AP yesterday--when about 50 miles outside of Tucson, in the empty desert, he saw a nine-year old boy accompanied only by his dog and holding the side mirror of a van. Turns out, the boy, Christopher Buztheitner, had just survived a terrible crash: His mom had lost control of her van and plummeted nearly 300 feet to her death.

Parent Trap
July 02, 2007

Jon Cohn on how Mitt Romney un-became his father.