Michael Chernew

Will Bogus Policy Arguments Swing the Supreme Court?
June 05, 2012

Several dozen organizations filed “friend of the court” briefs for the lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. And virtually none of these briefs are likely to have much impact. But, based on what transpired at oral arguments, one brief appears to have gotten the attention of conservative justices. That is deeply worrisome, because the brief betrays some fundamental misunderstandings of how health care actually works.  The brief comes from the American Action Forum, a conservative advocacy group that opposes the law, and has the signature of 101 economists and policy experts.

The Big Republican Budget Lie
May 04, 2011

It’s becoming pretty clear how Republicans plan to defend their budget. They’re going to lie about it. I’m referring specifically to the way they and their supporters describe the budget’s treatment of Medicare and Medicaid – and how those proposals compare to the changes enacted via the Affordable Care Act. I wrote about these last week, when self-proclaimed (and almost universally discredited) health care expert Elizabeth McCaughey* made these arguments in the Wall Street Journal.