Michael Goldfarb

Right vs. Write
February 22, 2012

When a new right-wing website, The Washington Free Beacon, launched in February, Matthew Continetti, its 30-year-old editor-in-chief, kicked off the proceedings with an aggressive manifesto titled “Combat Journalism.” The essay laid out the history of conservative alienation from the mainstream media, which Continetti referred to as the “wolf pack” or, borrowing a line from Tony Blair, “the feral beast.” Conservatives, Continetti argued, had been outplayed by a host of institutions on the left, like the Center for American Progress (CAP) and MoveOn, which are better at promoting their views t

How Bill Kristol Unwittingly Joined the Left’s Campaign Against Israel
July 21, 2010

Neoconservatism long ago ceased to have any meaningful ideological difference with just plain old conservatism. Perhaps the one remaining vestigial trait of the ideological tendency is a mania for forming committees and stuffing them with progenies (of both the ideological and the literal sort). The glory days of neoconservatism in the 1970s revolved around such committees as the Committee on the Present Danger and the Coalition for a Democratic Majority.

In Defense Of Washington
May 24, 2010

Professing hatred for Washington is part of the culture of living in Washington, so it's not surprising that Conor Friedersdorf's denunciation of Washington has won plaudits among some D.C.-based bloggers. Friedersdorf begins with by recounting an uncomfortable night at the movies: "This is Michael Goldfarb," he said, introducing me to his friend, who wrote at The Weekly Standard and did press stuff for McCain/Palin 2008. "Have you guys met?" "We haven't," I said, extending my hand to shake. "Conor Friedersdorf," Mr. Goldfarb said. "Not a fan of my work." It was an uncomfortable moment.

Republican Feminism
March 08, 2010

Republican spokesman Michael Goldfarb: “I was excited about Palin; I’m more excited about Liz,” he says. “The same sort of excitement you get when you hear her father, except she’s this petite blonde with five kids … There’s just something about her. You see that response across the activist portion of the party. It’s the response you saw to Palin … She gets people worked up. She connects to people. She is in harmony with where the base seems to be. She’s right on the issues. “You have a little crush on her,” he gushes.

Goldfarb Vs. J Street
February 17, 2010

P.R. flack Michael Goldfarb, writing in the Weekly Standard, has an item entitled "Israel to J Street: We Know You're Not Pro-Israel." The basis for this turns out to be a comment from Danny Ayalon, to wit: "The thing that troubles me is that they don't present themselves as to what they really are. They should not call themselves pro-Israeli." Who is Danny Ayalon? He's the deputy to the disgraceful racist Avigdor Lieberman. Ayalon himself took it upon himself to bizarrely humiliate the Turkish ambassador on Israeli television. In short, he's a total buffoon.

Something Much Darker
February 08, 2010

I. “Trying to explain the doctrine of the Trinity to readers of The New Republic is not easy.” On June 2, 1944, W.H. Auden penned that sentence in a letter to Ursula Niebuhr. On January 26, 2010, Andrew Sullivan posted it as the “quote for the day” on his blog. Displaced and unglossed quotations are always in some way mordant, and bristle smugly with implications. Let us see what this one implies. Auden was at Swarthmore when he wrote his letter to his friend.

Goldfarb Is Called Home
January 15, 2010

To the world of paid public relations, reports Ben Smith.

In the End, There Can Only Be One
December 07, 2009

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are set to meet for the first time tonight* and, with apologies to the latter, I think we all know who's The Kurgan in this scenario and who's the nameless immortal extra about to have her head cut off.  So who does this make The Highlander? It's hardly a dispositive case, but here's one possibility. *Correction: Contradicting my source material, Michael Goldfarb claims the two women met in Alaska in 2008. He does not, however, dispute in any way the possibility that Sarah Palin is The Kurgan.

Americans Express Support For Torture
December 07, 2009

From Pew: Most notably, 19% of the public says the use of torture is often justified to gain important information from terrorist suspects, while 35% say the use of torture in these circumstances is at least sometimes justified. Allahpundit responds, sarcastically: Often/sometimes is up 10 points since Obama became president and five points since he and Cheney started tangling over this, with support at a clear majority for the first time since Pew began polling it.

Ronald Reagan as Backbench Heckler
September 11, 2009

The Weekly Standard's Michael Goldfarb leaps to Joe Wilson's defense: Joe Wilson offered the most succinct and effective Republican response to Obamacare since Sarah Palin attacked Obama's "death panels" -- and, like Sarah, he did it in just two words: "You lie." It's worth noting that Goldfarb's outrage is entirely situational, given that last month he was arguing that lies are a good thing and the GOP should be telling more of them: [F]or the next four years, Republicans will be able to say whatever they want about the health care reforms that were passed but won't come into effect for years