Michele Bachman

Nashville Nation
February 05, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 3:28 p.m. Among the convention’s several last-minute saves—opening the conference to media, replacing one speaker who fell ill and another who dropped last minute—was bringing on Andrew Breitbart. Convention spokesman Mark Skoda knew the conservative media mogul through their mutual friend Mike Flynn, who manages the Breitbart site BigGovernment.com, and when Marsha Blackburn and Michele Bachmann backed out, Breitbart swooped in to help. At first, Breitbart himself was just supposed to introduce Sarah Palin. But to no one’s surprise, really, his portfolio grew.

It's A Smalley World
April 29, 2009

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman is blaming the Great Depression on Franklin Roosevelt’s support for the "Hoot-Smalley Act." Before ganging up on Bachman for mistaking "Hoot-Smalley" for "Smoot-Hawley" or for attributing its passage to Roosevelt (it happened under Hoover) or for saying that Calvin Coolidge had to deal with a worse recession than Roosevelt did (he didn't--and she is probably thinking of the recession that happened under Harding), note that Bachman really made an innocent mistake. She was clearly conflating Smoot and Hawley with the Roy Smalley III, the Minnesota Twins shortstop.