Michele Bachmann

Why the Tea Party Is Folding on the Debt Limit
They were never irrational, just delusional
February 10, 2014

The shutdown didn't break the Tea Party's fever. But it did stamp out some of its most dangerous delusions. 

The 12 Craziest Things Ever Said About Obamacare
October 06, 2013

Is anyone else bummed out by the shutdown?

Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and the Politics of Google Glass
The optics of Orwellian optics aren't optimal.
June 28, 2013

Newt Gingrich is a man of futurist, science-fictional proclivities. Remember his campaign dreams of a moon colony, for instance?

Michele Bachmann's Potential Successors Are Almost As Loopy As She Is
June 13, 2013

Michele Bachmann’s recent announcement that she will not seek reelection to the U.S.

Michele Bachmann Wasn't Funny. She Was Awful.
May 29, 2013

Why we should celebrate her retirement from Congress.

Romney Meets with the Islamophobes
August 10, 2012

Romney is not going to pick Chris Christie to be his running-mate. How do I know? He told me.  Ha! Just kidding. Got you for a second there, didn’t I, Andrea Mitchell?

Defending McCain
July 27, 2012

I’m not usually in the habit of defending Republicans. But when Sen.

Defending McCain
July 27, 2012

I’m not usually in the habit of defending Republicans. But when Sen.

The Global Reach of Conservative Conspiracy Theories
July 17, 2012

Much has been written about the role of the internet and social media in the Arab Spring last year, particularly in Egypt, where protestors organized and communicated on Facebook and Twitter. But while global connectivity can help protestors overthrow dictators and tell the world their story, it also gives everyone access to the less-inspiring corners of the web. That was on display this past week during Hillary Clinton’s visit to meet with leaders in Egypt. You may have read about the protests that greeted the Secretary of State in Alexandria.

Five Takeaways From the 2012 Primary Season
June 04, 2012

Now that Mitt Romney is officially the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and we have some distance from the primaries that decided it all, it’s time to consider the lessons. Otherwise, poor memories, shaky analysis and self-serving spin will combine to congeal a conventional “wisdom” that is anything but. As someone who obsessively chronicled every twist and turn of this very odd nomination contest for TNR, here are my five top takeaways: 1.      Mitt Romney is a very lucky man.