Michelle Bachmann

How Michele Bachmann Could Win
April 05, 2011

Michelle Bachmann is starting to make a move in the GOP primary. She's drawing strong reviews for her public appearances. She out-raised Mitt Romney in the first quarter. She's hired Mike Huckabee's well-regarded political director. And yet most reporters still believe she has no chance to win the nomination.

Death Hug For Cutie
March 11, 2011

Mitt Romney is probably not grateful for this: “That work inspired our own health-care plan,” Mr. Axelrod told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday. “I think it’s been a great boon. Ninety-eight percent of the people are insured up there. People in the state like it, and he ought to be proud of it and he ought to embrace it and I’m sure some day he will.”  It's all fun and games until the economy double-dips, Michelle Bachmann captures the GOP nomination, and Axelrod spends 2013-1016 shivering on a remote mountaintop subsisting on grubs and the occasional wild berry.

Michele vs. Michelle: The Battle Over Breast-Feeding
February 17, 2011

As you might have heard, Representative Michele Bachmann on Tuesday attacked First Lady Michelle Obama for trying to impose a “Nanny State.” It seems that Mrs. Obama, as part of her campaign for better nutrition, has been crusading to make it easier for new mothers to breastfeed. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service just decided to classify breast-milk pumps a tax-deductible medical expense. To Bachmann, these two developments are proof of liberalism run amok.

Bachmann Or Ryan?
January 26, 2011

    Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann each delivered responses to President Obama last night. They were eerily similar recitations of conservatives doggerel. Can you guess who said what? Answers in the comment section. 1. Debt "Two years ago, when Barack Obama became our president, unemployment was 7.8 percent and our national debt stood at what seemed like a staggering $10.6 trillion dollars. We wondered whether the president would cut spending, reduce the deficit and implement real job-creating policies.

Maybe Find A Better Defense Of Michele Bachmann
January 13, 2011

A few days ago, Paul Krugman noted that famously unhinged member of Congress Michele Bachmann urged her constituents to be 'armed and dangerous." Wall Street Journal right-wing blogger James Taranto calls this a "lie," and insists the the context of Bachmann's full quote is very different. Here, per Taranto, is the context: But you can get all the latest information on this event, this . . . a must-go-to event with this Chris Horner. People will learn . . . it will be fascinating. We met with Chris Horner last week, 20 members of Congress.

Justice Begins at Home
July 20, 2010

This is the most recent item in a debate about humanitarian intervention.

Quote Of The Day
April 08, 2010

From the Sarah Palin-Michelle Bachmann rally yesterday: Betty Soban, an admiring constituent of Bachmann's, said: "My family left Germany because of Hitler and socialized medicine. I see it happening here." Important to her, she said, are "freedom of ownership. Freedom of our guns. Freedom of having babies." Really? That's why they left Nazi Germany? The canceling of elections, the militarism, the rounding up of political opponents -- they could accept all that, but they fled because of universal health care?

Welfare Queens Against Health Reform -- Now With Actual Reporting!*
March 26, 2010

Earlier today I had an item about the irony of an agriculture subsidy recipient complaining to the Wall Street Journal that health care reform could transfer money from people like her to people who "just want freebies." A reader directed me to the Environmental Workings Group's database of farm subsidies, where I could discover just how much that farmer (Kitty Rehberg) collects from the federal government. Answer: a lot.

The Conservative Health Care Freak-Out: It's On
March 15, 2010

A few weeks ago, I noticed that conservatives, having celebrated the death of health care reform, were starting to wake up to the fact that reform wasn't actually dead. They remained overwhelmingly confident -- Yuval Levin: "It will almost certainly fail" -- but slight doubts were beginning to materialize. I suggested that when the realization dawn that reform actually stood a strong chance of being enacted, they would start to flip out. You can imagine how this feels to conservatives. They've already run off the field, sprayed themselves with champagne and taunted the losing team's fans.

When Wehners (Counter)Attack
January 28, 2010

Peter Wehner, the former aide to Karl Rove and Minister of Propaganda for the Bush administration, likes a good feud as much as I do, and since I’ve been poking fun at him sporadically for months, I’ve been eagerly awaiting his response. It has finally arrived, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page, another favorite punching bag of mine, has deemed the occasion sufficiently exciting to warrant an extended editorial page excerpt.