Michigan State University

How to Halt Gerrymandering
April 01, 2011

As this decade’s redistricting cycle begins, Republicans are licking their lips in anticipation. They already hold a sizeable 48-seat advantage in the House of Representatives. Thanks to their sweeping 2010 victories in state races, they will also have complete control over how 193 congressional districts are redrawn (compared to just 44 for the Democrats).

Old School: Land Grant Universities in the Global Economy
August 05, 2010

In places like Michigan, where the loss of auto and other manufacturing jobs has been so numerous and painful, China is viewed as a job-stealing, economy-weakening threat. But in Lansing, Michigan State University is the fulcrum of new business, research, and learning partnerships that are bringing Chinese spending, investors, and, thus, new jobs to mid-Michigan--and a new round of increased diversity and immigrant-led economic renewal to the local community. Leading science and technical universities, such as MSU, have always been a draw for foreign students.

The Great Lakes and Clean Energy--A National Win-Win
June 30, 2010

America needs to transform its energy system. The Great Lakes region possesses what may be the nation’s richest complex of innovation strengths--research universities, national and corporate research labs, and top-flight science and engineering talent. Is there a deal to be done?

The Desperation Of American Universities In Araby
December 30, 2009

I last wrote in this space about American universities in the Arab oil orbit on April 23, 2008. That Spine was called “The New Colonialism, Education Division,” and it focused on the exploits of New York University in Abu Dhabi. Now, in matters like these, N.Y.U. is really in the business of whoring. This is made clear in an intriguing article by Tamar Lewin in the New York Times.  The report actually headlines: “University Branches in Dubai Are Struggling.” But it also covers Abu Dhabi, sort of harking back to its slightly breathless dispatch of nearly two years ago. N.Y.U.

Wartime Lies
December 26, 2008

Update: On Saturday, December 27, Berkley Books announced that it is canceling publication of Angel at the Fence. Click here to read more about it. On February 2, 2007, Herman Rosenblat’s older brother Sam died. When he was on his deathbed, Herman went to visit him in the hospital in Florida. “When Herman tried to talk to Sammy, he looked away,” Sam’s widow Jutta Rosenblat told me on the phone on the afternoon of December 25.