Midterm Elections

The House Is Republican And It Ain't Going Back
November 03, 2010

Republicans won a huge victory in the House, and -- as Nate Silver explained at 4:15 AM, a time stamp that makes me only slightly skeptical of his conclusion -- they won more seats than you'd expect given their share of the overall vote. This is the third straight "wave" election in the House, and one might think the pattern could recur for a while, with control shifting back and forth. I doubt it. Get used to Republican control of the House of Representatives. It's going to stay that way for a long time. Why are Republicans in strong position to hold the House? Three reasons: 1.

A Lost Generation
November 03, 2010

Asked on Monday to assess the significance of the coming Democratic defeat, Tim Kaine, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, tried to portray this election as fairly typical.

Covering the Coverage of the 2010 Elections
November 03, 2010

Jesse Singal bravely agreed to watch the cable news coverage of Election Day 2010, in its entirety, and report on it for us. These are the illuminating results: Mine Eyes Will See No Glory I'll be spending the remainder of this afternoon and evening watching election night coverage and blogging about it here. Think of it as an ultra-concentrated reenactment of the Chilean miners' ordeal.

No To Pot and Gay Marriage, Yes To Long State Names
November 03, 2010

As always, there were an assortment of ballot initiatives and other random acts of direct democracy that voters dealt with today. The two most famous, California's Prop 19 (legalization of marijuana) and Prop 23 (suspending the state's carbon emissions law), are losing, as polls predicted. On Prop 19, the theory that pot aficionados would hide their vice from pollsters appears to have been less compelling than the theory that pot aficionados would zone out on election day. More likely, the recent California law that reduced penalties for possession of small quantities of weed to a $100 fine un

As the Polls Close In Alaska, Joe Miller Simultaneously Attacks / Bear Hugs the Media
November 03, 2010

The polls just closed in Alaska, but before they did, Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller managed to sneak in one last dig at Murkowski and the media. Over the past few days, he's been blasting media outlets for colluding against him: Accusing the Murkowski camp of successfully intimidating radio outlets into pulling Miller ads; lumping that incident in with the removal of a right-wing radio host who had urged Miller supporters to sign up as write-ins to make Murkowski’s name harder to find on candidate list; and accusing an Anchorage CBS affiliate of fabricating stories after receiving a

Cleveland! Are You Ready to Riot? How Populism Worked in Ohio.
November 03, 2010

[Guest post by Noam Scheiber:] For months now, a variety of left-leaning pundits have warned Democrats to strike a more populist tone if they want to survive politically. Unless your definition of “survive” is pretty liberal, it’s hard to argue that Democrats accomplished that last night (though losing control of the Senate would obviously have been much worse). Looking over the reams of data that the midterms generated, is there any evidence that the kibitzers were right? The short answer is yes. And, ironically, it comes by way of a contest the Democrats lost.

The Many Lives of Christine O'Donnell
November 03, 2010

Dover, Delaware—"You have two stories ready to go, right?" It's about 7:30 p.m. at Christine O'Donnell's election-night party in Dover, and all the local reporters are crammed in the back, idly refreshing Politico and Twitter while waiting for the returns to come in. There's a man with a mustache and a baby blue O'Donnell t-shirt looming over us, grinning. "Cause you don't know which way it's going to go!," he explains. Of course, the journalists present all assume O'Donnell is going to lose her Senate race, and badly. Most of us are just there to watch the carnage.

Last Night In Wrong, Self-Referential Edition
November 03, 2010

1. Jonah Goldberg wrote last night: So far, I haven’t heard a single Republican talk about impeaching Obama. Meanwhile, Chait, Kos, and Ed Schultz are all talking about it like Robert De Niro and the B-3 bomber. I haven't talked about impeachment in a long time. Apparently this is a reference to my TRB column from a month ago. Let me reiterate the argument of the column. I did not say that Republicans were running on a platform of impeachment. I did not even write that they'd impeach Obama in 2011.

Coastal Comfort
November 03, 2010

This is hardly a surprise, but it appears the Pacific Coast states will give Democrats a nice sunset for an election day that's certainly been full of violent storms. If the exit polls are at all on track, not only are Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown romping to comfortable victories, but we may not have to wait days or weeks to see if Patty Murray will survive. There's still a close governor's race in Oregon to resolve (the exits in that race feature the biggest gender gap I've ever seen, which may be attributable to the fact that Republican Chris Dudley is a former NBA player), and seven or eig

The Best of TNR's Election Coverage (So Far)
November 02, 2010

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