Miguel Angel Moratinos

Better A Bad Press Than A Good Epitaph
June 13, 2010

Actually, the hysteria about the Israeli encounter with the Turkish goons has abated. And it has probably come to the attention of some reasonable people that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is working the seas not exactly for the interests of the Turks but for the Islamic crusade being led by the Iranian clerisy and secret police. I know little about Erdogan but something more about Turkey. The last century of its history is being betrayed in an avalanche of thuggish holiness. Its economy is not doing as bad as that of Greece. But just wait. Tourism is going down, down, down ...

Eight Pieces, Really One: Iran, Israel's Military Doctrine, The President And One Dumb Jewish Woman, The Wages of Copenhagen, The Christmas Terrorist, We Should All Stop Talking About The Middle East
December 26, 2009

Jews usually go out to the movies on Christmas ... and then they go out to eat "Chinese." I've spent it writing. Below is my harvest. I wish you all good cheer. Here are the motifs of my writing day. Alas, none of them cheery. 1. THE REAL GRIM REAPER: HOLY DAY VICTIMS IN IRAQ AND PAKISTAN 2. COLD COMMON SENSE ABOUT IRAN FROM, MIRABILI DICTU, "THE NEW YORK TIMES" 3. A WISE EUROPEAN FOREIGN MINISTER: "WE SHOULD SHUT UP ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST" 4. A SOBER "TIMES" PIECE ON ISRAELI MILITARY DOCTRINE 5.

Held Hostage
November 17, 2006

Someone might tell Miguel Angel Moratinos, the foreign minister of Spain, that his country's empire collapsed many years ago. And that the King of Spain, who also carries the title "King of Jerusalem," is just king of Spain, although he is not exactly accepted by the Catalonians as their monarch. Everybody is getting into the Israel-Palestinian act. So now it's the Spaniards.

Power Broker
October 17, 2006

Revive the peace process. Revive the peace process. Well, there can be no peace in the Middle East, said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos (according to yesterday's Haaretz), without Syria. "There will be no final peace in the Middle East if there is no solution of the Syrian-Israeli relationship. If we need a comprehensive peace, all actors have to be involved in a peaceful agenda," Moratinos asserted. Moratinos said that he had won a pledge from Bashir Assad to work for peace in the region. "That's what I got from President Assad and (foreign minister) Moallem ...