Mike Gerson

Hey, GOP: Watch Your Back With Matthew Scully
August 30, 2012

Memo to Romney-Ryan speechwriters John McConnell, Lindsay Hayes, and Stuart Stevens: Watch your back around this guy Matthew Scully! Scully, who with McConnell is credited with writing Paul Ryan’s crowd-pleasing convention speech, is a former White House speechwriter and author of a well-regarded book, Dominion, that urges humans to show greater respect for the animal kingdom. The animal Scully most emulates is the black widow spider.

Mike Gerson, Please Look Up Matthew 7:3
September 29, 2009

In his fine smackdown of Mike Gerson's weird exchange with Ezra Klein over the alleged 1933-vintage threat of marginal internet comment thread ranters, Jon Chait suggests that Gerson "look up Godwin's Law," alluding to the famous internet adage about the inevitability and absurdity of reductio ad Hitlerum arguments.  Jon's right, but given Gerson's aggressive lack of interest in the hate speech preached to vast audiences in his own more conventional media, and on his own side of the ideological spectrum, I'd suggest another reading to my fellow Christian: Matthew 7:3.  "And why beholdest thou

Mike Gerson, Please Look Up Godwin's Law
September 29, 2009

Last Friday, Michael Gerson wrote a very strange column attacking the internet as a vehicle for extremism and bigotry.

Getting Serious About Sex
September 16, 2009

Check out former Bush speechwriter Mike Gerson's column in today's WaPo. It's all about sex and relationships and the death of the traditional "courtship progression" of "dating, engagement, marriage, children." Noting that the age of sexual maturity is coming earlier and earlier even as the average age for marriage has grown later, Gerson bemoans the lack of cultural guidance for young people navigating the widening gap between childhood and long-term (if not always lifelong) commitment.

Sour Kraut & Bitter Mike
January 23, 2009

 Wow. From the looks of the WaPo op-ed page, some of the town's conservative pontificators are still sucking on some seriously sour grapes. Krauthammer's column, if you read all the way to the end, actually kinda, sorta compliments Obama for giving a post-racial inaugural address. But to get to that grudging praise, one must slog through the first two-thirds of Krauthammer's exceedingly grumpy trashing of Obama's "dour," thudding speech, in which he somehow even manages to fault the new POTUS for not being the eternally needy adulation slut that Bill Clinton was.

Mike Gerson: Mccain Let Me Down
September 04, 2008

Earlier in the day, I posted Mike Gerson's thoughts on what McCain needed to get done tonight -- namely, give listeners something they're not used to hearing from a Republican. Gerson seems not to have heard what he was hoping for. From his postgame on MSNBC: The policy in the speech was rather typical for a Republican. Pretty disappointing. It didn't do a lot of outreach to moderates and independents on issues that they care about. It talked about issues like drilling and school choice which was really speaking to the converted. I think that was a missed opportunity. --Eve Fairbanks

What Mccain Needs To Accomplish Tonight
September 04, 2008

Mike Gerson has an intelligent take in the Post this morning: McCain needs to announce new and unexpected reform proposals. Perhaps he should courageously follow the logic of his health plan and promise health coverage as a universal right guaranteed by subsidies for the purchase of private health insurance. Perhaps he should embrace the goal of getting all American electricity from renewable and non-carbon sources by some ambitious but realistic date. Perhaps he should offer guaranteed funding of higher education in exchange for national service.

Sexism V. Racism, American Style
January 09, 2008

In today's WaPo, columnist Mike Gerson lays out the three big reasons that, as he recalls one reporter gushing to him, "on the day Obama becomes president, America would think differently about itself." One, Obama's uplifting, high-minded style. Two, his bipartisan potential. And last but not least, his race: "Obama's race matters greatly, because most of the American story-from our flawed founding to the civil rights movement-has been a struggle between the purity of our ideals and the corruption of our laws and souls. The day an African American stands on the steps of the U.S.