Mike Judge

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Is a Cynical Show with a Gooey Center
April 04, 2014

Mike Judge's films and shows are comedic versions of “love the sinner, hate the sin,” and “Silicon Valley” is no different. 

Today at TNR (September 4, 2009)
September 04, 2009

Party Is Such Sweet Sorrow: No, We Can’t All Get Along on Health Care, by Jonathan Cohn From Afghanistan to Guantanamo--How the U.S. Betrayed the Uighurs, by Nathan Thrall Battling Visions of What It Takes to Maintain a Truly Great City, by Edward Glaeser Does Mike Judge's 'Extract' Measure up to 'Office Space'?

The Mini-Review: 'Extract'
September 03, 2009

What is the most boring job in the world? It’s a question that filmmakers have addressed, usually obliquely, countless times. Often, the dullness of a feigned career is offered in ironic counterpoint to the excitement of a real one--Tom Cruise’s cover identity working as a traffic analyst in Mission Impossible III (which actually sounded somewhat fascinating) or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sunlighting as a software salesman in True Lies (which decidedly did not).