Miley Cyrus

Stop Calling Every Female Star a Feminist
January 06, 2014

All this wrangling over their feminist credentials is just a lot of noise.

The Miley Cyrus Complex: An Ontology of Slut-Shaming
October 11, 2013

The problem is not that we cannot decide whether nearly-naked pop stars are empowered or exploited. The problem is that bland sexual performance is still the only power this society grants to young women

Miley's Twerking Wasn't Racist
It's not right to call her VMA performance minstrelsy
August 27, 2013

Many of the people clutching their pearls over Miley Cyrus’s gluteal gyrations at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday don’t want the America they claim to want.

Oscar Grouch
I’d like to thank the Academy for nothing
February 22, 2013

The novel he'd written had become a movie that was nominated for an Oscar. But that didn't mean he'd have an open ticket to the party.

Poor Hannah Montana
May 05, 2008

Even before the pics hit the public Miley Cyrus wanted everyone to know that she was "embarrassed" at having been tricked by mean ol' Annie Leibowitz into posing for those racy "Vanity Fair" pics. Of course, the video footage of the photo shoot currently being promoted by VF shows daddy Billy Ray on the scene and sure makes it look like everyone was having a grand old time. Moreover, according to VF, Miley--who was never without parents and/or handlers during the shoot--and her team saw the pics ahead of time and were initially pleased as punch.